I did the driving Sun when her husband into hotels with daughter

I regret enormously when rush break away drops are growing up day by day in his belly just because her husband had misunderstood., women, essential, welcome firsthotel, family, ...

I'm living in those days, confusion and panic really. Three years after the date of the marriage, my husband and I have good news. Off to say happy when I know its coming up. Before the couple ever fear will never do when parents are not using any contraceptive but still unsure.

Every serious talk to my mother her husband claimed if I cannot have children and have to be you, both of you will get divorced by him is the only son in the House.

Some time later, I am fortunate to have voted. Receive notification of the doctor but I still haven't told my husband know by want to wait until your birthday after two weeks.

But one afternoon, I was shock when her husband discovered are the same young girl goes to a nearby hotel with the mood euphoric. The jealousy rises, interpreters covered ngụt, I call him the folding but in return is just busy work and turned the bua feces lyrics bay denies transformers story goes with the women accompanied the embarrassing. That makes me more convinced that her husband is sneaky affair with another woman.

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I did the driving Sun when her husband at the hotel with the daughter. Photo illustrations.

Why my husband can do something the other sky filler. He is head of old people like. He still didn't know he had promoted. The painful memories of wrath for being deceived, betrayed while in your child, I fall asleep crying throughout the night but my husband still on. I just had to say texting southern fold and will explain to me later.

The words that made me collapse completely. Know how to think. I guess rắng vague, her husband is the same Paramour vi vu in somewhere. There are too many things to do I can't think otherwise.

While madly jealous, panic, wanted to do something in retaliation he betrayed her, I decided to break the abortion being carried in the belly that so hard there was new. I do not want your child to have a father like you bad.

Dissapointed, empty and disappointed the whole episode after completed abortion I write available divorce waiting for her husband on the sign. But on his return, he is going to surprise the same heterosexual couples. I realize the girl the other day with her husband at the hotel. At this time the husband explained what he stood out as two customers heal the theory of his friends and absolutely no talking her adultery. Everything is just misunderstanding. He hugged the other girl the other day just plays to stimulate the jealous boyfriend's back. My husband and girls has staged this scene.

I blow, dazed, shocked to hear every word he said. The truth a far cry from what I had thought. So that I got for my husband. I regret infinitely when two abortion without thoroughly understanding everything. I made a serious mistake. The couple, expecting a baby, and now how I have also manually demolished.

I dare not say half a word for my husband to know about his DIY solar movement because angry at him. Don't understand you will react when his wife knew of such conduct. I need calm to learn everything. Now it was too late. If can not get pregnant again, all my life, I will have to live in regret, paying take.=

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