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I thought my husband had no sister or sister trouble also, but I was wrong, you're my husband's brother and 'disgusting' fold 'aggressors' corn party modified van., women Report today, showbiz, life ...

(Phunutoday)-I thought my husband had no sister or sister trouble also, but I was wrong, you're my husband's brother and "disgusting" fold "aggressors" corn party times ten thousand.

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 People still say "the aggressors not Corn side by side her husband". Well that's why I chose to take a husband that only had 2 brothers, no sisters or girls to avoid confusion with "corn party aggressors". However, my choices were wrong, you're my husband's brother and "disgusting" fold "aggressors" corn party times ten thousand.

My husband and I have been married for four years and had 1 child. We know each other when the same school in Hanoi and married when the same task here.

Home my husband around the year also live only thanks to you guys, so Chao family economy also is not well-off, even very poor. Complete wedding, the couple I must worry everything, from housing, to furniture shopping, ... know the circumstances of her husband's family is not well-off, so I am also not an evening of lyrics. See your friends are helping her husband's parents, bought this one, the other, the mistreatment but also I think, come on people this is d. cai, made its new durable, should the couple I know motivate each other trying to do, and then help her he at least would then help Yes, absolutely do not dare ask her husband home.

Also because of worry for the Fed job, should I plug in the head couple do, no time to go home hanging. Thought I saw the children struggled, her husband's parents also know that motivate, pity you. Therefore that on the contrary, they not only do not sympathizing for my spouse, but also during the day the phone up the blame is not about his hometown, and from getting married on daughter just count on top of ngòn hand, then put pressure with my husband, to my husband and wife must often fight about matters not.

Especially my husband's mother, seeing the kids go to eat away all thought very much of, so every time the country is again getting his children buy gifts, buy a cake courtesy throughout their brothers, and then celebrate the age old tools in addition to their villages, making each of the lunar new year gift money cake , age, to Mr. and Mrs. courtesy shopping money new year also lost a tidy sum. While the income of the two spouses is limited, then the expensive prices, again raising a child 3 years ...

Thus, each time on the new year I just want to go fast, because if you stay longer with attitude and way of life of the how's husband also cause conflicts. But the grief and agony, I don't have a mother whose husband has 2 moms mothers second husband-husband is younger brother my husband home. Although my husband has only 3 years, but the thought of you does what no other child of vision, just far from "on the down home chefs".

Again with the thought, my daughter is married to redevelop, offers room for her husband, although the House is just a House I have 30 km, but to get to that pays me to consult her husband's parents, husband and brother, if all 3 people agree I was allowed to go. Conversely, if they oppose, then I don't get to visit the House and congratulated the foreign exchange House.

There are five new wedding for the couple I also put my wife on from mồng 2 Tet then there always to the end of the lunar new year, the straight-up job, her husband's parents also agree with this decision. However, younger husband do not agree, so after the lunar new year is just about to bring home foreign Tet from mồng 2 of the couple I go tell all over, made me extremely tired and resentful. Makes 2 years later my husband wouldn't dare take me home Tet where only for about before the lunar new year.

This year, I intended this new year about 2 others grandparents and then in it to the end of the lunar new year but my husband just figuratively, because of not knowing her husband and Dad "mothers" I have agreed to go without. If not agree, means I will not be about her grandmother. thought it was my long flowing tears, stars body parts women miserable again, all just in the patriarchal and selfishness of the people around.

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