I painfully out of the House my husband right wedding night

Seemingly everything nicely, then suddenly my husband threw me a gift wrap, fall out is the diary.

I have the habit of writing a daily diary, everything related to itself, develops emotions are very meticulous records and I am honest. Diary as you mate, help me contain the most intimate.

I choose the log rather than send the belief for a human truth.

I choose the log rather than submit to a real human beliefs by perhaps writing paper, never betray yourself. First year of College, I used to love a boy friends. The State of love, the instigation, lock or warm salty love between two people is I write again in each page of the log.

I said that what I wrote about the first love would later become proof of an eternal love. But love was not stable as I expected. After three years of love, we parted. Wrath because betrayed, I pickup all the gifts are gifts of the same diary brings returned to its owner.

As time passed, I slowly eased it all and I am from abandoned the habit of writing the log. Off the field, I know new people, he than I am 2 years, doing the same agency.

The wounds of the first love deep guy made me lose confidence in the men and spent a half true. Thus, the story of the past I dare not professed.

More than a year to learn, finally, we also celebrate the wedding. We send invitations to all your friends and relatives. Think first love was the lover and involved now, I still send invitations.

Wedding night, seemingly everything beautiful peaceful then suddenly my husband threw me a gift wrap, fall out is the diary.Not wonder why are they in your hands, my husband was angry: ' secrets of the children at the end of which, I have cheated. '

I have yet to reply, he should let flush torrential a colon: ' thanks to the gift of the former lover of children, I understand why you do not dare to go to bed with me, I'm afraid I'll leave me. '

A field of my resilience now disappeared completely.

The past day as life in the sentences the husband, I'm embarrassed not to know cover on. A field of my resilience now disappeared completely.

I don't know where did you read that angry like that, but I know for sure, he has to clarify I consecrated virginity for first lover.

And perhaps, you have not read the diary to feel the end of my suffering at the loss of her daughter's life a foolish way.Worse, I think the reason I don't ' hurdles ' with him is to me ' example ' him into a trap. I just cry and former lover, resentment and blame myself too stupid for not honest with her husband.

And then, the wedding day is the day we have to separate. I hugged my husband out of House diaries. Closed doors, you don't chase or hold me.=