I still decided to marry even though I was in heaven

I love you from so long ago, right from the first met I've been love lightning struck. But unfortunately when you've got the love.

You're right girl says your identity integrity, while 22 but also very thoughtfully in the relationship. In the same neighborhood with each other but have never heard what Pang brothers.

She only belongs to me when lost.

When I come to you as her schools, longer hair plaited cunt. And on that, I'm not in contact with the children, but after going to school overseas, first met at the gate, I have loved you.

Her female students wore ties long gurgling along she you on poolside drink. Must say I look younger to absurd turn a blind eye.

After finding out, I know I have people who love you, you that same high school with children, two who love each other are time and plan out the school will marry.

I am sad, but not sure how. I was 30, no longer young, I also love a new friend, but it's the love of the pupils, also with children, I know I love you right from the first sight.

I find the more you approach, cared little by little, the pretext to the House asking for the neighbor, then the little courtesy gifts go far to work, then as the first alley meet me accidentally, intentionally made the car free hug ...

Gradually we close more, you or chat with me, and then share what to study, much more is my emotional ...

I know people that boyfriend you love so much but feeling like he love me less. I also know that, there are times I cried because he's catch. Honestly though, but I just hope I'm selfish and he broke so I had the opportunity, what's more, you're not good.

But they say love blindly, that is probably true with children.

My parents know, prohibits children, friends who also dissuade, love a promiscuous, dates and spoiled as he will, but I didn't break up.

Then the number of tears, heartache, I just know where I can vent out thevote, and the shoulder to children based on.

Parents and people around know I have feelings for you and maybe you feel. People like builds on me, but I then lukewarm than with me. I understand, I don't want to make me miserable to know that I just love the people there.

There are times that my parents told me, that I'm just looking forward to that and if you break love I was good. I tell you, but I silence and then say sorry has to rely on me too much.

But to me just as for me is enough, I don't why, despite 30, to the years that should have a family, I love you can unilaterally say that blindly.

But everything's not as I think back, it is all everyone shocked. I was pregnant with you, you that, but he did not marry, and the advice I give the child away.

You look terrible, I hurt extremely, I fall into a depression, not talk, contact with anyone. At first my parents also yelled at me, but look like fucking the inanimate perhaps no one nodded.

I decided to meet you to talk, but I avoid face, anyway I won't open the door, I have to thanks to my parents to borrow the key to the room.

We talked so long, I just cried, looking at me I hurt like I was someone cứa on the skin. I suddenly decided to take the children, though the children do not abandon the baby, I will see it as their child.

I'm a parent of two parties, at first my parents oppose Woah, but forever they also approved. I feel happy, because anyway, to me, just me happy and smile again on the lips as the first day I met is enough.

We decided to marry quickly, by children have elected was 2 months. I'm just sorry I cried, I don't want to give up their babies, I also agree, did everything to marry please either side the parents handle it.

However, extreme pain when the wedding day approaching and I give that away. Children suicide with sleeping pills, when my parents discovered then was not enough. Hearing the news that my limbs fall, with me not having any pain. You left me letters, thousands of statements of apology and thanks ...

I don't need much, I didn't care much, just my party, so I ...

I decided to ask my parents married me even though I was no longer, but I look forward to whatever the title, still my wife, daughter who I love most in my life!!!!=