Identifies the guy has a 'woman'

According to the concept of people ever, man must be generous, open, easy-going, not so measured that are always generous, lang co train station ... Thus, if there is virtue in contrast the virtues on the man considered to have "woman".

1. Calculating each each little li when dating

A man known to compute, spend, waste with luxuries, not necessary then that is a man known to save properly. However, if you are dating a person calculates to each Council, each to go play with her lover, he is not the man who saves, which is a stingy person.

There aren't any rules would oblige a man to pay in these times of dating. A person does not calculate the genus li then will man his girlfriend to "contribute" as if love rather than for real for most promptly.

But if the guy you are dating have thought "who uses what, self pay" or laments like "stars that expensive? '," the food here delicious no doubt than for money he spent, "then you should reconsider because most likely he was heading" measuring the bottle sauce , count the tubers Seedless "later on.

2. Love to criticize others for "gibberish"

He's always been to Italy, criticizing you for minor problems like jokes to when going to the movies, says to eat, chew not mouth shut, to improper furniture where specified.

The first time you think he's a person very interested, take care to you, want you to perfect and even better. But after that, you will realise the pry and lead his extraction of trivial things, do not affect who is unnecessary and downright ridiculous. He always criticizing you make you feel extremely tired and always in a State of dè as long as to do everything perfect, just with what he does this not make you well up that just makes you feel more stress and fatigue.

If you love signs so then think again because he's really too "woman". You can endure the soi reviews, criticizing him now but you have to withstand the strokes him during the later period, when the two of you were married or not? At that time, marriage life will be extremely comfortable, no pressure and very easy to fall apart.

3. Be sarcastic

Most everyone thought that sarcastic is common in women, Whether they are malicious, want revenge or not, women are also rarely forget everything in his life the most is when they themselves suffer disadvantage.

Men are different. They just note something too profound, affecting their lives are also less then they would be ignore.

Thus, if the person you are dating for you to "experience" the feeling of waiting is like just because you Miss Italy arrived late for a date; or ask what have you done to the liabilities now that im not answering the phone of him or your friends a little hoax, he must also be back for the hoax then you should reconsider.

You don't see him always remember everything that he has a good memory, saw him repeat what other people do with that for that he promptly. By the more likely he is highly sarcastic as a woman.

4. Too curious and to Italy

Boys are "women" very true or curious about other people and accept the little things picked up. He can every hour cafe with you just to tell someone bad or him taking "wholesale sale, melon cucumbers" transcontinental then think again because if you proceed further, you will only feel a headache with a curiosity, Nosy, the defames another person.

5. dai Said about an issue that he's not happy

It is common for women as the ducks, it's by women talking too much. Men often say little but definitely "a is a, two is two". So the man would talk about a tough problems, especially the issue of him not happy will be considered to have "woman". Men are "women" as such, it will never be a solid prop for you. Because maybe, someday he will anger you, complain that this, like every hour when the two men took each other's lover. Truth is uncomfortable with people who have the body of a man, but possessing the personality of "the women" as such.=