If you've ever pregnant, would you still love?

Children this year is the last year students. Grade 12 graduation exam time, I accepted the invitation to love a person than I am 7 years old. He was an officer, stationed near the school children to school. Then I parked up and the city school. Two lovers away from about 400.

Children suffering not dare receive the love of him because of the fear of their reveal past.

Even so I feel very happy. Both make concessions and sacrifices for the future. Long long two met but emotionally I'm still devoted to her undivided (although many people still with you in the pursuit).

Until the summer of last year, in a careless child pregnancies unintended and that this clearly is an irresponsible man, promiscuous. He not only has the relationship with the children but also have a relationship with another girl, apparently, her parents ' home and be near him very fondly.

Did you not get the consent of his family. So that in the summer at children, he still proved to be loved and cared for. Both of you had a very happy time, until it doesn't, call daughter yelled at me with these words very heavily, I know you and that person is about to marry each other. Actually I'm very shocked and distressed but I decided to break up.

Then discovered her pregnancy, she was very confused and anxious to hold onto. I can't tell my parents know, that alone I do not know how the resolution should have called for him to solve.

At that time I really didn't think anything much but saying: "shelf both children, now I get married, don't take abortion out of forcing me to marry you, so you find the best solutions for you". I was shocked because she's saying a lot. A man next to me during a long time can speak out the cold and cruel like that.

Then I up the city and the same people you go to "solve". I'm very sad and paying for his sins with the child. I promise to resolve to learn the truth and the life again. I'm active in a volunteer group to help the kid with cancer in a hospital. And this is where I met you.

He is a doctor in the Faculty of so long ago still drop by to visit the children. Christmas, people have held for baby gifts and you can also join. The times met children also do not have the impression something special. But then you please phone number and talk. Two children confided a lot about dreams and their aspirations.

I really admire the will rise. Mother dad he according to a different woman. He and his mother tried to get today. More I love you in the way of talking vivacious, sociable with people.

Avoid hiding when you realize there are emotional and want to develop a relationship with you. I even feel about the past of mìnhm and tells him that he is a good person so there will be a person worthy to you than me but I was really upset. I blame her too stupid fool because of mistakes in the past. If I was able to turn his head and came with him to nurture emotional together.

Although very busy every day but you still ask interested me, it made me happy and I think I should be selfish little to get him. But I know that kim will wrap in the mudskipper. In my eyes, I'm a girl and in the morning but if I know you used to be a wicked woman abandoned her child then you will disappointed in you.

Really love you for you is real and wants to be next to him but now I have to do? Talking about her grief past him and he decided to silence him or in the perfect sheath? Or I will shut up and bury the emotional tight I for him? I ask all of you give me any advice at this time. I'm really suffering the Lam!=