IKEA IMMELN: How to Install

Every corner of our house requires order and organization without detriment to interior design.

It is funny, but we start considering such important issues right after the reconstruction and design works come to their end. That cause many problems, because it is quite difficult to find appropriate accessories to harmonize with a unique interior. Moreover, we tend to pay less attention to the rooms where we spend less of our time. Bathroom is one of those.

Have you ever faced difficulties in choosing and installing bathroom accessories? Thousands of consumers stop their searches on IKEA products. They are cheap, minimalistic, and easy to assemble. IMMELN is one of the most popular budget series in this range. Despite being the easiest to install, some people still wonder how to do it right and do no harm to surfaces in a room.

What is IMMELN collection?

The range of IMMELN bathroom accessories has hooks, baskets, and other space organizers. They are made of zinc-plated steel, rust resistant, and lasting. They do not require drilling, glue or any other auxiliary equipment. The accessories grip to surfaces due to the suction cups.

The collection is made in solid white color. Shapes are rounded. In general, these accessories are suitable for bathrooms with monochrome and contrast tiles. They look perfect on solid black, red, blue, and grey surfaces.

How to install?

Step 1. To grip hard, IMMELN production requires a completely flat and smooth surface like (tiles, mirrors or glass). Before you start assembling hooks and holders, clean the surface with mild cleaner. Wipe it with only dry napkins, the surface should not be wet or moist.

Step 2. Now, follow the assembly instruction. Tear off the protective covering of suction cups. Stick them tight to tiles or other smooth surface in your bathroom. Do not stick cups directly to the edge between two tiles. Cups must be situated in the middle of tiles, so before proceeding to step two, figure out the proper place carefully.

Step 3. Fasten the rest of the details in the correct order on a screw as it is illustrated in the instruction. Fix the details with a cup on top.

The installation is done. The accessories hold up from 4 to 6 lbs. In order to prevent sudden falls, retighten the screw every 3 months.

How to install IMMELN on textured and rough surface?

If you really like the design of IMMELN accessories, but your tiles have a specific texture, don’t get upset. It is easy to install them with a little help of some tools. You will need some screws and drill, but before you make a hole in your wall, make sure which size of screws you actually need. It depends on the material of tiles and walls, so consult with the specialists. So, instead of sticking suction cup, make a hole inside it using an awl. Then put a screw inside and use a drill to fix it on a wall. Finish the installation the same way as in the Step 3 above.

As you can see, IKEA IMMELN collection is pretty easy to install on different surface.