Kissing says something about your love?

Each of us expresses the sentiments by different ways. Whether it is through the hug, Kiss, or through through the little gestures that we do for each other. Author Sheril Kirshenbaum writes in his book the science of kissing: the lips like to say: Kiss help maintain relationships are long term.

You typically use the kiss would in the model below? They said what about love ?

1. Just kiss the upper lip or lip

This was pure Kiss love love. Instead immerse into the type of kissing, at each moment, each focused on the lip or lips up kissing. This type of marriage is really experience that two people share. Have to go and get back, referring to the heavy deep love for the other. Although the two men have just a double or long to love each other, they both want to explore each other further.

2. Kiss-up cheeks

Kiss on the cheek have to say: you like this person. This is the kiss of friendship and affection, that contain chan affectionately. The latest enemy cheek Kiss may have romantic feelings for the other person, but at this point, yet.

If you already love each other many years but still kissing each cheek, can see the relationship between the two people still take friendship as the basis.

3. Kissing does open mouth

This shows two men kissing style is still not completely comfortable with the other. Both keep tight hold their lips, not used to the tongue.

Kissing does not open his mouth to see two people not yet totally comfortable with each other.

This Kiss usually occurs on the first phase of the relationship, between two people who are still barriers. If love was long ago but still no open mouth kissing, these may be signs that each person set up the emotional barrier, communication between the two parties need to improve more.

4. French Kiss

With this Kiss, they both want to explore more enemy-both literally and figuratively. They use the tongue to explore lover's mouth cavity.

French Kiss shows people want to understand each other more.

When you don't know what to say, or say anything was not enough, the French Kiss is the way to let the enemy know you want more intimacy, want to understand people at a deeper level.

5. Kiss-style "spider"

This is the kiss in the blockbuster "Spiderman" ever so-. With normal people we should this type of Kiss, best when a person is lying or sitting down. This Kiss meant that the two still make surprising each other in relationships, share the same feeling of excitement, new.

6. Bite the enemy lips when kissing

This Kiss full of enthusiasm. The other lip biting people, but not too strong to cause pain or bleeding. Kiss shows two people love each other, that the best way to describe is through the body.

7. gentle Pecks

This contains the kiss tease, expect. Two people kissing up the lips together very light, almost no use of force. Sheril author wrote: "just the lips touching each other also makes the part the brain is stimulated." Perform this Kiss style shows two very comfortable together.

8. Angel's Kiss

In this type of marriage, a gentle Kiss onto the other person's eyelids when the enemy is sleeping. Angel Kiss shows the two care for each other, trust each other strongly.

9. Kiss rush

This type of marriage the same as test. Each eyes, mím lips and kiss each other very fast. What it means is a try between the two materials of the "fire" of passion, this relationship can proceed further or not. Also between the young couple in love was long, this may be the way to say "Hello" or "Goodbye", the comfortable together.

10. Butterfly kisses

Butterfly kiss is often seen in the young couple. Photo: WikiHow

This is the type of Kiss no to the lips. The two side-by-side, flashing eyes to snatch eyelashes Eyelash touching the other. This kiss is often seen in the young couples, rather than the mature couples or had more experience not normally exposed in this way.=