Late mother's remorse because the letter falsely harsh

I was a mother and the psychology of a mother is bouncing his shock when the son fell in love with a married woman, the pass bòng take advantage of their two children. More awe-inspiring when I discovered "daughter-in-law contingency" did not do the procedure of divorce.

Me and my son had the conversation quite stressful. It said it was love , after how many years don't even see the vibrations the heart when first love breakup. Part I, the insistence with the thought of a bitch his unique stage are being bewitching so I decided to save it.

I compose a long letter sent to her agency. In the message, I'm claiming to be her husband, do not forget to enclose a few idyllic photographs of her and my son-so I found in the desk drawer at home. My niece is the company's accountant should I put it straight thanks letter to sister Union Chairman.

I regret did not know for now my son suffer so.

Half a month later, one afternoon, I suddenly found my son coming home earlier than usual, the face of sadness. It's Sam Sam went upstairs, into the private room on the left door lock. Time to eat, wait forever don't see it down, I'm curious to see the door upstairs remained locked to the left. Police visited the ear into the door, I heard the awe-inspiring hope sobbed out. Even for me to call, roaring, doors banging the door still didn't open. My son is adamant!

Last night, I can't sleep, out the living room reading a book. More and more eyes reading chong chong without words at the beginning. Almost 4 in the morning, my son suddenly opened the door of the room. It goes straight to the wine Cabinet and took my heavy reverse slope wine bottles into a Gorge, before I up prevented. It groggy to go upstairs. I ran up, hugged tufa lilugu sailings on it. My 30s on my beautiful period usually is now blurry face nhoẹt, sobbed: my suffering too mom. Forever I pieced together new connection is the story is that it was the baby kicking. Don't know why, she hate the so-it screamed to me, as the times food as a poet.

Through her cousin, I know, her husband had been the sister Union Chairman calls. At first, he's surprised. But the surprise quickly turned into hostility when seeing these pics. He called his wife at the time and down right in front of the President and a number of sister company staff, uncharacteristically flat for her a slap, causing her blood the new mouth. After the story, her loud holiday at home for a week.

Only when her friend in the company told the tail head everything then new people understand her own circumstances. Her husband and wife separated a long time, because the husband affair, abused his wife and son home. But because she is the person who earns it in the family, those times she suggested divorce her husband were whisked away. Each time, he beat two kids quite hurt and threatened if she divorced insisted he will use wire strangled their two children and then himself. Weakness to think that crazy beast in him can lack actions to control, she had gotten tears live copper scene ready allergy relief in the chilly House dream.

Perhaps, having my son, my heart much of the suffering she was comforting. I also like to be revived when the love of her. Look at it funny and confident. However, the selfishness of the mother has not allowed me to see your children's heartfelt feelings.

The letter "a death blow" has beat her man that she loves, leaving her permanently weak currency husband previous silver, rays Manager insisted on divorce. At the same time, she knows my son is always wrong. The bitterness of her making it painful. Many years later, it still cannot love anyone, just doing daily and thủi back home.

Look at you after so many years still inconsolable, I understand that love is sincere. Must read I learn carefully before sending the letter, violent crime, at least now I don't have to witness the definitive gut child lay out as turn into other people.=