Learn the relationship between the middle finger and your personality

The middle finger is the third finger on the hand, between the thumb and index finger youngest (ring finger). Usually it is the longest finger.

In the Western Nations, jam out the middle finger is considered a vulgar and obscene gesture (in the Uk, jam out both the middle finger and index finger at the same time also not just raise your middle finger). This gesture is often used to insult people that this finger pointing to. In Vietnamese is also slang for "stinky fingers" refers to the middle finger.

According to a study published on specialized san Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, middle finger has a slower response time than the thumb or little finger. The cause, according to the scientists, is because the middle finger being inhibited by its central location.

Every part of your body has the area its own nerve cells-so we have a map of the body in the beginning. The importance of the function of this map is still a scientific challenge. However, the effects that they could produce were the expert neurologist specified through the measurement of response time combined with the experimental study and computational models.

They proved that the influence of inhibition "of neurons-finger" next to affect the response time of a finger. Therefore, the finger in the outer middle finger faster response, which must go through two "neighbours" on each side. Thumb and little finger was also identified as having the fastest response.

Very long middle finger

Those who have occupied the middle finger length on 81% the length of both the hand often prefer far left reality, difficult to integrate with society. They don't do these things to do, well not play anything that will fascinate you. In the eyes of others, they live without responsibility, only think of personal interests and immerse yourself in the world of fantasy fiction, not fact.

The long middle finger

Those long middle finger approximately 70%-80% of the length of both the hands of type long fingers. These people are relatively lifeless. Faced with difficulties, they did not want to settle in with his strength that only hope to others for help. They're good in judgements and thinking, but they pretty custom. This gives them a lot of trouble. Them or think impracticable and not reality.

The short middle finger

Middle finger length to less than 60% of both the length of the hand then of type short middle finger. Those fingers so often takes away reason, being desire dominant instinct, the action develops gesture freely. They usually set a goal but does not attempt to perform, so all my life not to exert power themselves.=