Lost faith because his wife fake hymen to trick me

For the first time with his wife, though blood has flowed but both me and my wife without feeling the pain.

I am a man, many women have been through my hands, including the Virgin girl. So, I don't expect to get a virgin girl to make the wedding night, so right before getting married, I've determined, my wife later Virgin or lost virginity is not important, important is that me and her love, trust each other, and share with each other.

Lost faith because his wife fake virginity to cheat me.

But when I met my wife, and love her, to me she always proved himself a senior girls, and know the proper preserve of love. She tells, she also loved a son, but the two broke up, because he always requires her to have sex before marriage so don't want to.

Listen to what she told me was the news and greatly appreciate your wife, I thought myself fortunate because now the girls retain virginity to wedding night are rare. As such, I think the more respected and loved her more, throughout his time in love with her, I did not dare to mention the sex talk, because respect for the thought of her.

I look forward to the wedding day by day, each hour to become the first man to discover his wife's body, I always thought I was the first and only man for exploring her body. But worse, what I expect of my wife in the wedding night again not quite rightly so.

I go "into" easy-wife and me and she didn't feel pain, although there's still the blood flows down the ga bed. Think I'm being scammed, I then asked her at this gặng also admitted that she had once loved, used to live with her lover and then the two split up. She's very regretful because love it, it's like a stain in her life.

When you love me, afraid I also dismiss her as the other man should she pretend themselves docile, senior to deceive me, do I believe that she is a nice girl, right, keeps his ink.

After the wedding night, though still living with his wife, still have children but I still despise his wife and unable to talk, to share with her. There are things, must also be added that, I despise your wife not because she no longer virginity until the wedding night, which I considered usually by her is a woman of dishonesty and cheating in love, marriage. She cheated on me, had lost faith in me, and that's why I feel difficult to share with wife in my life.=