Lover betrayed me as 'not Hanoi's House'

she had betrayed me from over 1 month now, just because you've ... got home Hanoi., n, ye, yeu phan boi tinh yeu,, born vien, nha Ha Noi, plus ...

They-a person that I thoroughly loved, one who I regarded as brothers releases essence-is kneeling in front of me asking for forgiveness by the sneaky thieves have been awkward I gotcha.

My hand was still five-five sharp knife, faces and sweat by the anger and disgust. If that had enough courage, and if not love her too much, perhaps, I have caused the project real network.

I have a job to do more overtime work is managed a 5-storey house for rent near the right tailgate the University N. Actually, it is the home of a distant relative, thanks I look after helping when they could not regularly.

Every day I go to work during the day, and the evening will directly below the first floor. Sometimes a doctor they like me to look instead. Also at the two and often down there always gathered people, all these neighbors.

H moved to rent the room where I'm at and managed once to 3, with 1 girl. At first I didn't notice, because in this House also has a lot of male, and because I had been "people for rẳng's" cowardice "and cold, always keep a certain extent with the girls. I've never loved anyone. I just started to notice when there is a late minutes are read, heard laughter injector outside the door, and then snuggle suddenly see a sheet of paper is pushed in. I took out the view, then find it is a very good poem, soft girl character, clean title, awarded me with the p/s below: go to bed early.

Although unknown 2 girl is teasing her, but I'm just so happy. From the next day, I noticed the owner of "the first love letter" it.

H in a room right next to my room, on the 5th floor. This floor also has only two rooms. Thanks to bridge is that poem, we often talk to each other, especially at the two rooms out of cooking (stove outside). More talk, the more I see her very cleverly eat said, his voice gentle, but also no loss of individuality of the daughter of the sea. Gradually, we love each other all the time.

Perhaps by is the first love affair, the first vibration feelings, along with the sophistication and smarts of H, that I am more in love with her. That sentiment is as full and fiery than when we officially are of each other. Have to say, I am willing to do everything because of H.

Entering the last year of College, I put H home demo. I also launched the country with her family. In general the two parties are endorsed and supported. Except, her mother said, not two years. Taken together about will. I then thought, what gauge also subject to be, just have the H on the side.

Talk about H, in addition to what I said, she's also very people know calculate about money. New student, but has an open Center and do add some other service, making pretty good money. She even "taught" me a few "section on" business to earn more money that I hadn't noticed before.

This is nothing bad, except that it caused her to become more practical. Though I know she loves me so much, but as soon as entering the fourth year of less than long, she dryly told me: "From now to the end of the year, he had no home to Hanoi, then we break up."

At first I thought she was joking, but indeed she thought, and always repeat the same. She says a fear scene rent in Hanoi, and if taken together that doesn't guarantee life, then going into the tragedy.

I am very sad about this, because I know with his ability now, it is very difficult, but I also don't blame her.

Because of this, our feelings also have little sway. Me and her, but the day was in touch each other, but do not talk to each other a lot. Previously, H less travelling, almost exclusively at home, I live under the floor. This, suddenly saw her or out, have no minutes left on. I asked the H said to house you in the same class.

That conversation took place is near 1, then I was born. A packed, H told me to put through your home in 5 km away as every time. I put H to returning, but returned soon after. And discovery come together T H-person still often through the House I drink tea and chat.

I then saw them put together into a rest home. Although want immediately to "resolve" two guys there, but I tried to keep the angry, turned the car back home. Games 2 hours later, H. I called to the room where I just asked about? H answered: I play, you know the Lobes to the already, why ask? I fixed hand slaps H-but don't do it. I call T. 5 p after he was present. I know their turn asked: the two sisters love each other? They immediately change the face, looks nervous and scared. After learning why I ask that, they both knelt down, crying, asking for forgiveness. I am turning the handle the kitchen knives, getting them to give up. What I can't believe is that son of a bitch has to say: I know H is the love dare not him. But where is she ... flirting you first.

I slapped him in the face right now, chasing him.

Now, sitting in front of me is a girl I have loved with all her heart, thought all the way to her wedding. She had betrayed me from over 1 month now, just because you promised to ask for her to do the same after the Agency off the field, and because he has ... home.

I see the extreme mercy sour. The tears and the words conjure forgiveness there as cứa vein on each fiber. Despite knowing that it's hard to be able to forgive but I also do not know if I will be like without her.

Whether I should forgive her once?=

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