Married 4 months but we still not dare to Chamber

This year I'm 21 years old, have been married for four months but during 4 months now, I still haven't "Chamber". The initial cause is because my husband does not make marriage registration certificate makes me worried about the future of the two. The section again, I fear pain should not dare his dose for you "love".

Also because of this that the couple regularly occur quarrel. And from there, you go through the day from morning to night, until near bedtime, the new couple met for about 30 minutes.

Married 4 months but ... not daring action.

For each argument, you're not sorry lyrics offend me. He looked at me with eyes of hatred and curse: "would rather stay with Hooker than with a wife like her useless". Already a lot of times you mention this issue makes me feel very sad, miserable husband after being such a comparison!

After the quarrel, my family back to meet you to talk. My parents look forward to two in favour of going, loving each other to jointly build the family nest. And each time you are promised with a parent I will never let my parents to worry about both.

Although the couple I don't stay with the husband's parents but each couple to go, he said, with his parents and siblings house party. And then it's off your brother, to his sister, he comes home to find me call, talk, advice commandments enough type.

Up to now, I really don't know you wrong or you're wrong again. You blame me "about getting married that as no, never married life living right", and I blame you, why I want to marry my wife that doesn't give me a decent license sheet. Anyway I also the Diocese of woman daughter, I also want to get a permanent seat, a sheet of marriage properly so I assured married life living with him throughout his life, not after this he succeeded happy stomach, no longer loves me, I know which way to go?

Now, I suggest we should far apart two months to rethink their relationship. I'm hesitant to think because don't know who's right who's wrong in this story to resolve properly. If I go back home to his native family two months either side, they found the village neighbors will think when I recently retrieved my husband has returned to his native home in. But if the husband's family that still live as two strangers, he has continued to accept living with a bland wives like me?

Now I don't know what to do to complete the double for the road!=