Master's sister's husband make confident and don't even feel phony anymore

(Phunutoday)-I hope you'll think more thoroughly. Don't be, because life praise that cooking it yourself her grief. His wife, although good or bad also go off this human

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Oh! Ask his view is he hurt her for what? Because your level, because the wealthy or for beauty? Masters, PhD ... then have? Is important to the loving feelings, faithful, trust each other. Every person born there is a separate position in society, public opinion can steal the happiness of people, pushing others to hell as if they were gone with the public opinion.

I don't know you live for what? Because public opinion or because his wife, or because the levels found himself not by his wife? Or you envious with his wife? Or can not accept losing your wife? Why don't you directly tell his wife? Are you saying these things, pressure and sadness for you?

If after such straightforward exchanges with his wife that his wife never think about what makes you aware, she upset despite a doctorate as well as not only. And have you ever thought of for your wife? She has the money has the right to be educated beauty why she still choose you? Her work there has been others teased, flirting is due in like her why must get a lower she like you? I'm doubting the sentiments he won for her before not from love sincere trade which is a different purpose.

You endure, endure because you love your wife, because her desire be achieved? So let's say the contrary view, if your wife die, stop their education, his career for him to continue school masters, PhD ... then I have to do?

Education is not something easy, more gifted. I retrieved by the University only have scratched the skin desquamation, and then more to study masters? I thought he was the petty man, inferiority feelings. Why don't you directly talk frankly with your wife? I fear one day he feared, he feared what? What worried, scared of him is because he himself devised. People learn not to be honored because that is like to live well and be more understanding. I never see the weight of someone's qualifications, I only see what do they devote to the society. Whether you Ph.d. but you don't help anyone, catering to your individual what to see?

You should remember that every human born has the obligation, the farmers created the seeds of rice, who tailors create outfit for me to wear, the chef creates many types of food for other people ... He was not inferior to his wife are anything. The level? The master's degree? Obviously that is the form. There are people who do not study to the University but the ability of understanding and their capital than the professor. There are things they do that even professors can't do well.

I think there are possibilities that you more than your wife very much. His wife do this, you can do other things .... the one noun and noun wife is her husband is the bond between two people who love each other and want to live life together. The woman, her husband chĩ wife is just the man. Here you say you were my wife, because he has sacrificed, have patience like your wife? Do you understand exactly what from the wife and the husband? Only in terms of gender . It does not speak up are nothing. The couple's charm is the diocese, be sympathetic and loving each other, share everything together in your life. The only other problem is the media. None of this means we will find other means but gratitude if low then nothing.

I hope you will think more thoroughly. Don't be, because life praise that cooking it yourself her grief. His wife, although good or bad also go off this human, along san will love, when he was sick, the illness his wife is always the person next to you forever.=