Miserable and regretful excruciatingly because his wife died shortly after birth

I'm not strong enough to win, also not see you, not for your drink a drop of milk that has gone. I'm not up for giving me the opportunity to say the word love.

Look at 6 months old son sleeps good movement I tears. Man, moreover in again as a soldier, I always create for themselves a strong sheath, stout, so that from the time I went, my fears regrets tormented, extreme loneliness cause I like like to fail. If not for me, invaluable gift I leave maybe I was up everything.

Injured children, because I love someone like me that I have to cry and be sad all the time. Remember the early days see me, the first time you visit me up on the unit, between the spokes spokes malaria 14 degrees but still laugh, smile I often tease is toe toét. The day I got the word of love, I am happy to have children-daughters tenderness, ingenuity that equally mischief. By your side I like younger age of ten by the lovely, carefree all free time I always try to call you. We motivate each other to study, work, I just her freshman.

Later, when time was I given everything, I can't find a feeling like the first days of love, besides the old lover call looking forward to resume old friendships. My family didn't accept me because no catch, I always have about inferiority, hinted the remote I have to take responsibility for the life of my daughter as possible made me depressed. The phone less fade away, my love no more, I am no contingency these aggressor with children. Instead of free time before I try to compensate for you on that I leave for the get compensated knows with friends, colleagues. I silently endure though sometimes also say farewell, and then I was the main Act. Maybe you love for me too much.

Then one day you call me I said I missed her bus and step down falls, injuries not serious but you were pregnant, the child I carried in the belly as a result the tempers. Tell you the truth I was very happy because in the true heart still hurt me, here is the reason for our family to accept.

The wedding day, I echo phảng smile a sad stroke by parents not accepting me into the front door that catches go extra door, this mother not before me, although the injured children but I still cannot do anything by it.

Suffering and regret when his wife died immediately after the ensuing child birth .

On making you more miserable than the strawberry by the sharpness of the mother-in-law, I live on the unit, a long long time, I was about the new pregnancy ngẩm don't eat anything, pregnant again, and all the blood out. I was relaxing the ligament should not sleep last night, calling the mother yelled at me for fear I worry. Also because you kids so clumsy, unpopular Mama's boy. After this listen to sister-in-law recounted the mother fucking day yelled at, I know, harsh cry so without even saying anything to me.

Maybe the most happy is the day I leave home, lay hands on the abdominal pressure and felt the child's foreskin. My smile at the back toe toét as day, it seems the instigation, the tired days ago vanish. We both felt satisfied with his nest, I later intended to bear children, I transferred closer to home and two in private. I've never up to offset the disadvantage for children then you gone forever.

I still remember as the fateful day in, while on the political class there mom. I broke Oh soon hospitalized, when I came to face me grimacing because of the mounds of children, 6 hours after your injection, shallow, masterful also you oh so doctors use to operating measures.

However, at the got worried but I still can't think of the worst scenarios happen to me like that. The birth also is lagging behind at you blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, also feeling terrible than the powerless would sit out the look people run out to run on with a heap of machines while his wife, I don't know.

Believe the data also to, I'm not strong enough to win, I'm also not see you how, not yet up to the child to drink a drop of milk that has gone. Don't give me the opportunity to say the words love, don't let me compensate these underprivileged near 4 years of love. I go gentle and serene to me a heart wound is too large, the pain day end on the night. My mom also cry because of nostalgic regret has with a child bride fondly, like dutiful children.

Now, my son was 6 months old, playing hard and less sexual harassment should cry I also assured the work. I have a mouth wide toe, white water, like peeling each time the tired laugh of me seem to vanish. It looks like somewhere in the smile of the child has the silhouette of a wife. Sometimes late mind, want to remove all but the look you have more power. The growth is the only way I redeem his mistake. "If there is another life, you will spend all to make up for the children. Rest in peace my wife love! ".=