Miserable because her colleagues encountered bitch

I work in State authorities, has a new wife and 1 well a cu over 1 years. My wife made the Bank, also beautiful, high. I have an agency seat away from me an angle. Where I sit is also chả what tamper to go back at all. But she's just gorgeous body surfing to near my place. And than she acts very rough bumps.

Many at breeze, then everyone in the room laughed. Minutes and then lunch, guys together and though an egypian agency says: "I like her ass K". I said: "stuff. I'm his wife. She was young as bad people that crashed early on children ". Then I got up on defense.

The idea is just the words said, joking, teasing action one. She is also extremely inert. Have a car that won't go. Insisted I drive home. I was also busy right about picking a wife in the Agency about the same again. I rejected always. That is getting past her. Finally I escape be disturbed were some day.

Suddenly her message to me. "C'mon! I'm very sad. You go home with me. " That's how inert the same. Today the couple I'm manually, only I could caress each other then her texting. I also told my wife to take subjective reading machine I hear. That stunned too, she IM that there's little shame would you been asleep yet. " In the same House. I do not tolerate ".

My wife read that message, the angry face. Don't ever call your doctor helps the folded clothes for my children and my wife in the case. Older guy always closing on House Foreign Affairs don't need to hear me explain. The inner House Foreign Affairs are turning out blame. My wife is still off work don't see me. Banning all I see you always. I remember the boy and my wife too how that ball was.

Photo illustrations.

The more I know the House, arms too embittered because her message that she is still not satisfied. She was going to make this break came along. She also cleverly asked what she made of the same body I phone number of my wife again (the Italians came home I play so close with my wife).

That you know have asked to do not. Ever since that time I still find memories. Why girls she is inert matter. Yet the husband, not the youth that it's like a cave.

Turns out she took to calling the index news my wife. Make my spouse more emotional rift to have the excuse that fray. My wife after hearing that is like a lion HA Dong, yelled at me a no match.

Soon after that day, I called her out to solve everything and yelled at her for going a battle because the guilty bitch. One doubt she is also inert than I imagined. See I yelled at her few sentences doesn't, go hug I cry I bothered too pushed her out. Slaps her a whole year early Mr fingers. I have not hit women. New this time. Also guilty. But that saw terrible suppression.

After this time. I plan to switch to from the Agency are involved in the nasty girl like her. But the most intractable issue at the moment with me is how to explain to your wife understand I'm not the type of people so promiscuous. I suppose that, brought the United States dig but I do not want so that loss of family happiness.

So today, I am writing these lines look forward sisters way or I can to reconcile with his wife and for the other bitch girl a lesson. Thank you for your share.=