Mistress of her husband used the money ' bought ' mother-in-law

I'm pressing when writing these lines. Children born into poor families, to the brothers the only two white hands. Family economy also known as better-off children rather than what the wealthy, we still live with three tit her husband. I was also the kid who knows, frequently buy map of courtesy grandparents, eating spending money every month we feature a full submission. Despite that the salaries of both is not worth that you must also resist wearing great-grandchildren spending squeeze, restrict friendships to save money.

The mother of my husband. ... (Artwork)

Recently I found out my husband affair, it is a woman who has left her husband and was living alone, she has a pretty dining furniture shop prospered so well done money many of. From the day I saw infidelity husband stuffs really, I know a lot of map she bought for her husband. Tell you the truth I'm a gentle, and she then quite so formidable was also embarks on the market, if you hit the jealousy she perchance for the guest bears in reverse. I talk with my husband and very pressing to you but you keep Yes where promised that back into the well.

I have talked with three tit husband, three my husband then no power for anything, everything is decided by her husband's cheek. At first I said it hoped the award would advise husband cheeks cheeks her husband just told me: "You don't eat in how to hold it," I'm upset, thought to have more supporters, who say that cheek dè.

And what makes you the most recent time shock Saudi mistress there have bought both cheeks because my husband knew she likes money. She bought gold, earrings and clothes for her full. I also found several times calling her husband's cheek to talk emotionally cheeks cheeks Chick, also said her health care to also bear children anymore. My God, I can't imagine why did cheek again. I'm upset, I know what to do?=