Mother teaching daughter ... husband hit jealousy

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Due to the particularities of work so I am often away from home. Honestly, I love my wife, but the man away from his wife many sometimes inevitable about this story. Initially just have fun over the road, and then sticking the mistress or not at all.

The second woman, I "travel" more. And then the story well to the ear to my wife, she just heard not "catch hand day face". So, despite yihu, but like many other men, I turned thumbnails issue. My wife angry, screaming, chased me out of the House, throw my clothes out on the street.

She resents him responsible for me is the man. After speaking to environmentally responsible coal Division, yelled at, is to monitor she is not sad, seductive cry from cleaning the House, her children also quit squinting boy. To feast, she just cooked enough third mother. Leave me no how hungry, I just opened her mouth, she jumped into the lead extraction "which it cooked for food". Honestly looking at my wife like that, I only see maybe neck rather than else found fault at all. I continue to have the "work" harder, longer.

After the hurried home visits, I also have a little bit of conscience should spend a weekend of playing with children. Just arrived home, I was startled to see homes belied, on the table also has fresh flowers, two kids fresh, clean. The scene in the House as the new shirt bib. My wife no longer is attractive fruit that head of hair grooming, clothes Chin chu, her smile is also more radiant. I started think fuzzy.

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Bride mother-in-law.

Once, when I'm at home, the lover she calls the door, thinking there are people to buy (the House she sold grocery) her out the door. The door has just opened, my wife rang: "sorry, I find my husband." Off to say, she doesn't discipline redheaded mouth lover lyrics, I jumped down the minutes added. She still told me about, nothing to speak with "the enemy".

That night, I half want to beg the wife, half-ashamed is tossed and then sleep to forget or not at all. When I woke, I panic not seen her mother, opened the wardrobe to rush everything still intact. Suddenly my mother appeared, she looked at me with eyes just got injured just angry.

Turns out, the jealous made my wife live in constant suffering, not earnestly to children, homes; self exile myself, also torn a premeditation of my career and then look to the death. She wrote many simple report with the Agency. Know, my mother was encouragement, consolation, she promised to bring me back. Following the advice of her grandmother, my wife has torn the simple leaves.

And she has taught my wife how to men are jealous by contrast, regret when they lose. My mother for me and told my wife I'm calm, nonchalantly to the House mistress the procession. My mother also thanks to both these neighbors silently follow, when my wife too has encouraged people to stop, or if I have defended its dynamic hand foot lover then have someone protect my wife.

While me and my mom are chatting from my mother's House, the dancing party loud. Beating me in the eyes is her lover relentlessly booed, name-calling: "sister's husband went on drunk please sleep thanks to her sister, not jealous jealous fight is also indebted to the description. After her lover is Ma'am you're coming ready swallowed my wife. My wife crowded memories speechless.

Just saw me, her new lover Austria struggle: "he says go, I beg to sleep thanks to which your wife to fuck around, you see how people". Even my mother calmly advised her to let go of me and invited to speak, she was still screaming, name-calling. My sister jumped off the evening news, a battle occurred suddenly. My wife panic: "You get her on the go".

The image she defiantly lover, I just want to make crust of fillers. I don't have the guts to say sorry. My mother continued to become intermediaries heal. She gave me a choice, then perhaps people know well how I choose.

Forever after this I know, jealous of her lover to hit the highway clear truth is located in the country the flag of my mother, she was silently "research" My Mistress personality very carefully.=

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