Mother-in-law governing both 'love story'

, do not understand why my mother my husband upset with me. Anything to see me as she faces heavy you lightly. I think that was the reason, me chong, ...

I am 24 years old this year, is currently a district teacher. I married my husband two months, are the doctors, he than I am 5 years old. Family economic stability, generally quite life fullness.

Before marriage, her husband often brought home with me to I familiar with you and your family's lifestyle. According to his perception, I see she loved me, therefore, though new love each other almost a year but she was hounding me to marriage.

The wedding takes place quickly, smoothly, the early days of doing my strawberries also gently, smoothly. At the time I thought, I'm lucky to be married to you.

Newlyweds should "out" of the couple I took place with quite thick, take on the 2-3 times. Of course, we're young, plus the psychology of eager newlywed couple should both feel incredibly happy.

However, one thing I don't understand, that's almost 1 month after the wedding, my husband with my mother's attitude is very different. Just see me as she showed discomfort, severe face you, I also do not answer questions. Occasionally, she hinted "the wife must know the worry for her husband, she don't have to it too, good roof damage the drum". I don't know what she wanted to say anything.

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Turns out, "it" is the reason why nasty mother-in-law with I (artwork)

Until one day, my house has a death anniversary. My husband is also about siblings. In at 2 sisters are lúi húi picked up vegetables, she says with me, "She heard her mother tell her uncle, the night is less sleep so much?" she said, winking jokes. I too, but ultimately also doubt ngợ out yet. Sister-in-law goes "next time do well, the small, mother mercy the son, fearing it makes more then tired..." Turns out my mother upset with me is because of that.

That evening, I confided to my husband. 2 the couple just funny just awkward, but also unity, from the hour wait she was asleep then starts, limiting the output of "sound" as maximum as possible.

From that day, I found her more fun to me. Make me "understand still" should she not also be upset with me. However, I have a mother-in-law, so usually go to bed late, 2 spouses have immersed until her low had drunk my half the night, then back to "love" in psychological uncomfortable precautions should "it" not as wedding at new fullness. Not to mention, 2 the couple lack of sleep, the next day at work who also issue hoải.

I roll the swab too, don't know what stars for fine, mother would fall into the situation "bi" as husband and wife?=

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