Mother-in-law-bride: When is the story of fists

mother of the husband with capital as bride country with fire, both in love with a man but different expression., chong, nang dau, hang ...

The old days when the mother-in-law "ho", the daughter of a demon, today everything is different. I understand this, because I was a child, and also as a husband. New love salmon, occasionally I have led you girl, my wife now, about the play, I love mother often confided the story kitchen nực, stories in the sky under the sea. Maybe it's because my dad long lost, homes have each son should not share much, because I was tuýt people, not good at listening, so when are you girls about, my mother as the bird cage lottery, laugh comes through. Many times also present their hometown thanks I bring up for you girls, and then also suggest to treat her.

Permeability escape also has 3 years from the date I and "girlfriend" back together, after each search is stable work, we decided to go to marriage. The early days of home hard bride, cleaning the House, sweet delicious with her mother as her husband, but for how long, "long term report on the essential", my wife started having the expressions are not acceptable, or against mother-in-law. Then my family back to welcome a new Member, the couple's small I created, as will heal emotionally mother-in-law-bride are chipped, but on the contrary, the way of raising the grandchildren of two different gear should happen as many problems, old problems not yet resolved back to new issues. Every day when you go home, do I have to listen to the end his wife gripes to the mother laments should I feel unable to bear any more because not sure who championed, also do not know how to solve, the best way I choose is his wife out in private and sometimes for you to visit.

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Then I leave with mixed wife miserable lie, out in her lymph nodes, then enough of policy I, always have to live under the pressure, the quarrel constantly. I leave home I to live for. Up to now, everything still more terrible, while I am away, she along her friends have to swear at my mother yelled at me that don't know parenting, because there is only 1 time can't FLOSS the soil erosion of her for his family, I had slapped her. Have not stopped here, the old mother near land of sky I have said clearly: "right or wrong, the spouses about the ban, the story of two people, not related to my mother". Like fire anthill gouge, floating her the crazy upper forearm, lower the foot with my mother, even her friends who see so well into a very good omen.

Get the neighbor's phone about this incident, I immediately returned home in anxiety and anger. I did report the incident to the function to attempt to resolve and wait hoping a heavy sentence for the daughter-in-law felling dresses. I can't imagine what she was doing, lost all humanity and moral sense of the people who made the son, while she is also a mother. Hopefully the men when plunged into of I need a proper attitude and more drastic, right from the start, before marrying are clear and clarify views on how each person's child.=

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