My husband is the sand falls outside fingers

Most of the women when married were expected to be people you eternal lines. But unfortunately the love and marriage are not invariant. The nature of love, the fragile but never easy to die any privileged States, a shipwreck is often derived from the small hole, unless it was a bomb thrown into broke, otherwise still pinky promise in addition there was waiting.

If you are in the hands of a ship punctured, the power is in you.

If you are in the hands of a ship punctured, the power is in you, to use love sealing it or throw away, because a ship leaked then it's difficult to guarantee safety for the whole voyage in the rest of his life. I like the strong woman, passionate love and surrender, but extremely rational and tenacity when marriage is no longer.

I am not advocating the third chen into other people's marriages but does not deny that the germs can only attack when weak body. So in the process of killing germs, you should give the body a little vitamin type of upper class "Three Dog": share, care, love and forgiveness. Also when did let go then for dead drift because escape from a shipwreck or a body sick sometime's fortunes.

I am very sympathetic to the women who have to face the enemy to jealousy emotional armor, scratch texture. But "jealous" climax never was a noisy, by the face of a woman who is confident, then the value for than many stolen items.

Fragile marriage need should nurture.

By fragile marriage need should nurture, who married you cherish and hold tight, open money also lost what money printer case? Anyone have decent kind, his wife, left then squeeze keep mentally ready to be sticks out the way, if you're out there in a different family, the preparation of midnight milk up to his neck chicken tho, the vomiting of back pay from the beginning.

Apparently a question of quotations that love as sand, clutching the hand of sand falling off, piling the rest love hand meniscus. I love madly instinct to live life in a hurry, holding tight situation as orangutans seized Austria, if position is out of his hands, just love fall!=