My wife! Husband affair!

In the rooms, Lan are asleep, the way her cheek title on hand laid and docile like a kitten. The Emperor wanted to hug his wife inside, wants to keep her little world, so he was gentle, loving, was carrying cover for her forever. Yes, wish you keep gentle sleeping at her like this forever.

Emperor face, long sigh let go of just the few hours she woke, seem subdued Sage will disappear completely, again revealed raw image is sardonic and formidable woman.

Dendrobium Orchid lovers when she was a student last year, Huang had a stable job, income, so when spread to the uk soon Spread about the procession. LAN is the girl and she does agility because her husband is rich that one tree Hill again, in reverse after the marriage application quickly Spread everywhere, thanks to the job qualifications and his dynamic, Finland would like to do business in a large corporation. Lan's income has surpassed both times.

LAN change from Royal rule business companies and bankrupt, Hoàng became unemployed. All spent in the family from which to pour both shoulders, from gentle woman, like turning into a completely different person. She is flirtatious, kick, do not consider the words of Huang. Even, when Huang discovered she was not the correct ink messaging with other men, also abbreviated xửng up her husband's abuse, "shut up, you're not using a corner who I have nothing good to say, then you make money on this for me," Huang, bitterness for the epilogue at the right ear Orchid but you try to restrain You're right, Lan, man, you useless has nothing to say.

I don't know what to do ... (Artwork)


And then, in frustration, boredom at the Royal for the casually met Emperor Ling. In fact, before and also has basic familiarity, then, is the Assistant party partner companies with the company. Know the circumstances now, out of sympathy, then afternoon competitor wants to help his company working on the Emperor, Ling said her company party currently lacks a Pr position. Glad as catch gold, Huang agreed immediately.

Go to work and then, Huang and Linh has come together more. The midday meal, and coffee, meeting Affairs, not when absent. From colleagues, Huang and Linh became acquainted the family stories, children. New li Ling married my husband was almost 1 year, due to her husband's addiction often beat her. Empathy with each other, and so Emperor rapprochement, sentiment also flourish naturally. Huang became a husband sinner, his wife betrays.

These guys today, the Prince was paying the formidable conscience. I don't know how this story ends, in his heart he still loved his wife, reviews such as Lan don't change, she along with Huang in the time of Emperor hardest, encouragement, comfort, now where everything is possible. Also, thank you very much to have the Components, you also can't deny his feelings with Spirit, it's more than love, that is the compassion and the jaw.

Huang stands up, opens more cupboard alcohol and tobacco. Tranquil night fills the room is chilly, a Crown about black up to the tumultuous mind of Prince.=