My wife thanks me ... help her close friends have children

Look at the tears of both his wife and she, looking at the way she looked, I understand the desire to have children by her, I'm thinking a lot ... or I agree.

The true life is not known, must be in certain circumstances they can understand. Many health care just to keep her husband's wife for her husband, which equals léng phéng with her you then cleverly ... cut the right ones. Many of the wives that knew her husband had a child with others then surely angry impulse. My wife, again thanks to her husband's administration to help her friend had a child, that you claim in the normal way rather than not is artificial insemination, which in the circumstances I can understand what your getting help.

My wife thanks ... helped her close friends have children, what should I do?

My wife has a friend from her baby, my wife 33 years then was playing with her 33 years, sticking all round all his life, sticking than I because she's home with her neighbor is home. My wife's parents and her parents who is also a close friend than blood brothers. Feelings of my wife and her friends than Sisterhood, from the small, to school, to go to College, the school later. She is a close friend of my wife I was my son's adoptive mother.

From the day we know each other, love each other, she witnessed it all, great help, this course also married her in the next. And then at my wife to illness, pregnancy, childbirth, she is also present. My wife was the one should have siblings, left very few friends, just hangs there with her.

Miss you my wife, the rich, but very good, successful, Deputy Director of a large company, pretty well, but don't know why, don't love anyone, never married, now also has come of age is coming to discounted. She jokes, if she is a man, sure she was in love with my wife before I and married me. No, it's my turn.

Not just a friend, she's also my family's benefactor, by several years ago, I do eat losses, standing in front of the scene to the place, where an insolvent her hand to help out, let me borrow 4 billion fix, not a penny of interest. To purchase land at my spouse, build a House, she left more loan 2 billion more, the total hours the couple I owe her to 6 billion that she always said don't friends tugging money, now I have yet to pay off her debt.

Birth of a bitch first, not the second child was born, my wife was ill, the idea, she helped me take my wife to Singapore for treatment. My wife from the disease, but apparently due to sequelae of the disease, and psychological, from then onwards, my wife didn't knee blanket story-film. And don't know why our spouses, though trying to close is not able to have children again, go visit the doctors say I am normal, also my wife have these symptoms secondary infertility, difficult pregnancy beans again.

One day, my wife called me back, saying that like to talk seriously with me. My wife said, my dear friend, brains, wealth, financial autonomy and to this age, she no longer wanted to marry, but she wants to have children. Before, she always liked children, she is very precious to me, and her children also I you her.

I answer if so she can use artificial fertilization, the sperm, this medicine can now perform, very easy. But more surprise, my wife says, that my wife thanks me help her have a baby. To hear his wife say, popping his objections I immediately say that this is not possible, so that I have a child with a woman not his wife.

My wife says so much, that the emotional bond with like, with what she did, my wife is willing to share with her. Now that my wife has more excitement with something sexual, that so very easy I out needs, then "General" rather than to risk my husband went with the other crap.

Now my wife has been apathetic, so my wife as possible understand the "suffering" of me. I am tall, healthy and yet has 35 years but I'm still very prolific in it. Telling the truth, the man in demand I quite high, but I never once betrayed his wife.

My wife knew I was apathetic, have understood that she could not have children, so now my wife wants me to come to her, she accepted, and both are sex with her anymore, well help me solve all the needs, pressing in, but this is just extra reason, main reasons are things still pretty high.

My wife said that, now my wife can't have children anymore, so if people help her have a baby is me, then there will be a child again, I like cute guys with her father, again as more stick, it will be the common children of my wife and her friend, wife and I totally feel fun happy with that. Should people that my wife wanted to help her close friends have children, is her husband, and not to anyone else.

My wife also reveals a secret that my wife and her friends store how long this I never knew, that's my wife's girl who temporarily called as bisexual, meaning she likes, loves both men and women. Previously she had feelings for my wife, which kept many years later, she loved me, that still like both my wife, it is an emotional thing is love, just like a high emotional stuff is nice for 2 people he considered ending his life.

My wife still loves me, my family still happy, still emotionally attached between my wife and she will also, even better if these things happened. That if I agreed, and then she had a baby, both she and my wife are also thought to both stories all we, our children will live with a family. My wife says that's not how I have 2 wives, simply I help you she has a child.

Hear my wife say, I answered that I could not agree, it's not all right. My wife was crying forever, saying that why I oppose this, as this brings happiness, joy for my wife, and then tell you she, who always is the benefactor and is incredibly intimate, sticking with my spouse.

I'm really confused, should I do this right ...???=