Narcissus, Elly Tran or General Director of Vinamilk?

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After a series of articles of the readers commented and nominated the image representative of modern Vietnam woman, Phunutoday has received hundreds of responses, comments. Many have boldly commented count of how the new generation of women is changing remarkably bold, also nominated the character doing the Vietnam Women portraits.[links] Free women like the Western half of her season? The dream of readers Mr. Nguyen, a Vietnamese American woman image is Vietnam where he is heard telling and fantasy is the long black hair girl, very docile, are the ones who are good at cooking, known to die for, my husband ...

However, according to Mr Nguyen, you figure you search and find out real life completely opposite to what you think. "No girl long hair black again, and the girls hair was dyed red now Vietnam, all yellow dye, they don't look any different to the" Western "her genuine. There are things the West girls hair, red, yellow, natural, while Vietnam girl is different, their hair red, yellow thanks to chemicals, and that the Joneses of the Vietnam girl "-Mr. Resources share.  

Picture 1 of Narcissus, Elly Tran or General Director of Vinamilk? Photo 1 of Narcissus, Elly Tran or General Director of Vinamilk?

Narcissus there deserve the very model of a modern Vietnam Women?

Agree with the above review of Mr. Raw, readers have nick name Christine also said that "currently, women Vietnam has changed a lot, both in thinking and pragmatic lifestyle of them. Even though they know that there are a lot of reasons, while developed market economy that but I only agree with 80% of your mindset. She also share more "I grew up in a strict education of parents and the assimilate Western culture does not stop development but I still preserve Vietnam woman image in your visualization. Working in a foreign company, the majority of the audience I meet foreign men is successful but I still didn't lose their self-worth ". Friends tease that I can only get foreign husbands because modern thoughts too but they always ridiculed when they know that I am still in white. They said that I didn't know to enjoy the pleasure of life, sometimes very sad! Even for the teaser, I still think that married a husband Vietnam will be the greatest happiness in life is like the marriage of the parents. What's not happy by handing the most precious ones for the whole people he loves the most and stick for life. Thinking of you personal section and reviews too low values of the vast majority of Vietnamese women. The lifestyle of the people how it is due to the influence from the family education, views and thinking of the individual. Although the material has affected people's lives very much but not all. Just because society in the presence of some lazy labor but still want to enjoy lavish things and it is important because the cultural foreign countries there is no selection. Along with comments on, many people believe that it is true that women in Vietnam today there were a lot of changes both in eating even as well as thinking and lifestyle. That is the reality of Vietnam society's surface today. Along with the rapid development of information technology, the comes with it is the negative implications for society. Young people nowadays often look at aura looks ball deals outside of Western life to deny the sacred value that he father took off the preserve thousands of life today, it's called the traditional Lipton readers commented.

Representing the Vietnamese women are not the ones who trotted the chest, ass However, talking about the change of women Vietnam many people think that the mobility necessary to adapt to the times and the changes of the society, the women also need to be changed to match the real life in. The case of the Vietnam women like breeze restaurant and in some certain objects. It's the celebrities who want to make their names are known (in other words they are the singer would like to be known, or is the Vietnam people living abroad should dress well otherwise), readers have nick name ULuru commented.

Picture 2 of Narcissus, Elly Tran or General Director of Vinamilk? Photo 2 of Narcissus, Elly Tran or General Director of Vinamilk?

"Women represent the women of Vietnam must Respect A Woman like her"

Soon after, many readers have suggested iconic Vietnam woman worthy of Narcissus. Sister Shradha Park in collective area Railroad (Pham Van Dong, CAU Giay, Hanoi) commented "the Narcissus was a talented, there, there are curious, the spirit rise in life and willing to pass the storm of public opinion to demonstrating the tenacity of a little girl in the world of showbiz is full of tangled lace; Narcissus singer worthy of representing the Vietnam Women, is the shining example for young grade soi in ". This proposal seems to be her advocate. That on the contrary you Nguyen Phuong Mai said that if Narcissus is representing the Vietnam Women N Virginity or Elly Tran also deserves more. Tarot readers also said that "I don't want to say bad anyone or trying to find the representative for Vietnam women. But she is no artist, Vietnam Women personality not cheap rúng. Which my mind didn't why not bring back compared with the kind of people? " Critical readers that "the Vietnam Women Online the content language, how much, how happy people because my husband also sacrifice themselves. Why do you get Narcissus Jewel, Virgin or Elly Tran to smearing a beautiful photo-woman of Vietnam ". Ha Pham Van you suggest: "women represent Vietnam Women are like her DIRECTOR of Vinamilk". Or is this also not people like Mrs. Suen, A women's NGO Phuong Lan, etc. Did you hoatimthuychung to "free woman of charm worth representative for Vietnam Women are charming people, German more sacrifice and altruism in life rather than the daughters chest, buttocks or breeze breeze breeze offensive things outside.

The model like virginity, Elly Tran. also do not deserve. Because they do not respect the beauty of the girl. They just love to show off their body to get fame? So why were adequate representation for women in Vietnam? Why are commensurate with the charming Vietnamese beauty? If anyone also trotted out like they where made to represent Vietnam Vietnamese women themselves have lost the beauty before, lost all charm charming discreetly daughter Free. They do not deserve is representative for our Vietnamese women. " One story worthy of representing the image of Vietnamese women continue to be debated. Because they don't know to follow a certain standard to women who adapt to the times but still brings the beauty of Vietnam. Letter to Vietnamese women of a Vietnamese Americans =

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