Old love wants me to divorce my husband

Currently I'm very confused, unable to think clearly and smoothly, hoping people can advice me.

Coming I will marry with a person that I do not love, or say more precisely is yet to have more emotional.

I am 29 years old this year, perhaps also the age makes parents think when many go early about late at night alone. Her parents always urged to retire wedding story please, afraid his daughter to this age but not anyone in the procession will become her. That made me feel always options.

I have a boyfriend during the past 3 years but I have never loved him. While people for sure that we love each other passionately and are happy. But my feelings for you are still only at the level of your friends.

I met you at the old boyfriend was abandoned after 4 years of love. Maybe your attention while I am suffering made me feel. Become his lover but in my heart has never felt love.

Although, I always try to love you, I always pressed himself to think that he is the person I love and only a short time more to go to the wedding will take place. But really can be. You do the technical side should be as romantic, although not just a little action.

I always feel uncomfortable when you do frustrating not just himself, even when he did nothing for me sad I still face heavy light with you. But he's still very gentle, considerate, gentle treatment with me. Things that make me always guilty with his actions.

With the love of my life how many romantic first then with my brother arid. I never sent those messages emotional, interest or tell you the words that the duo love each other or do. The three years I've been like that and maybe later.

I don't want parents to worry so laughter mouth besides saying that inside I thought, nobody knows. I'm creating for the tragedy of his life when taking a person I do not love.

Suddenly one day, when my wedding day and I only got 2 weeks again will celebrate, the former lover of me appeared and wanted to reconnect my relations.

He explains why you want the old days broke up I was so misunderstood my relationship with superiors. And recently I found out that's not true. Already 4 years passed, he said, I never forget to love one another, that you still love me very much. Then he suggested I cancel to return to the wedding party.

Photo illustrations.

My heart breaks to hear the Boo, as he from England, because of the love I long for him remains intact. But now, it's not like the old days, while my fiancé I what, did 2 internal party-foreign will like if as now the bride escaped the wedding ceremony. And then everything has an article, I have registered the marriage and bride procession times 1, also was at one time fiancée home. Now, I have not left in white, and is the wife of the nominal one.

I always wonder why don't you go back to find me sooner, when things haven't come to this country. What about the British section, you accept me done the wedding ceremony, accepting everything that has happened. Upcoming weddings could not cancel to be involved because the family side of face. But the wedding is done he wanted me to go back to her husband's side moving li. You said you only want me, want to care for me, afraid I would suffer all your life because to live next to a man that I didn't love.

I know so is 2 we will very selfish, just think to themselves without thought for her husband getting married and his family. But I can't bear to think of what I have to live with his people on the day of love. Whether the touching-gone I dedicate to my husband getting married can be nurtured into love? How will my future, I really don't know.

Between the 2 sides of love and meaning. I don't know how the whole. I don't know what to do for the good of all. Please give me advice.=