Revenge sex by the ... married former lover, Dad

Lan was thinking, if I became the lover, especially if his wife, that really is a slap for the extra guys horizon silver love., marriage, love, happy ...

Weld love sometimes makes people do stupid, dangerous ideas will make ' the enemy ' regret but inordinately just broke her heart.

When Lan was Tung quit, what made her the most pain is not for the United States, Moon love, Parts replaced as lovers (whether you are a man) that because he thought, Lan, as well as the nice girl in the chest to butt other blooms from the travellers still find ways to occupy your heart No, because the ham also baits rich boys only.

Tung himself was the person, fair play, the story of a girl looking to the rich with ham, missing his past is also no reciprocity, each party all want to satisfy his needs, you have to pay something. So, with Milan, during which time love dating, I spoil her, put away the play places in luxury dining, gifts of expensive gifts, occasional support money. So when the other girl crush, Tung does not have nothing to be guilty or bite the twinge of conscience when parted.

But Milan is different, she loved Tung delusion really. What a gift or the care of him, she didn't think anything because of that love, the gifts for each other is normal; the gift that while expensive but is also consistent with the ability of the British economy, as well as the students awarded the teddy bear lover.

Also know computer spare parts both crave the love of bored, he quickly has piled the broken heart of a beautiful girl, but Lan is still overwhelming, myself will try hard to retain him as long as possible. And I just left you just not hiding the treat her just like a girl across the street, young couples with sons to moi money making her hatred to the bone marrow.

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Revenge sex by the ... married former lover, dad.

Spread on baked night Cook think of revenge, but did not find the way to truth. The only thing she can think of is talking with the girl Parts are pursuing him is how guys, but then again only because know what isn't. You also get how much warning and caution of ex swarm him but still crashed head on.

"The big idea" came by accident when a Lan Party and was introduced to him. With he, Lan was the first know the name but with Lan, he ain't no stranger: it's father, the owner of the entire massive rest muscle that the company which runs the Parts is only a small part. Suddenly met his eyes look like their Encyclopedia, Lan was thinking, if I became the lover, especially if his wife, that really is a slap for the extra guys horizon love silver.

What is a skillful way, she takes up with an old lover's dad, quick with him, the little mistress and then his engagement after less than a year. When Tung was totally don't remember anything to Spread her dignified again appeared in the birthday his father, introduced to people.

Before that, he was informed of his woman, said all the names, but never was, who had disturbed him, reviled, hold him no less after the breakup.

When two people have a chance to talk to each other, Tung looked Spread hate and disrespect but not open then she spitefully: "too late to England foiled, because we register the marriage. He kicked me, disrespect me not doing my wife young master as you? My wife has is what?

I also do my mother England ". Tung said, she is good at it, my dad fishing to moi. LAN light laugh: "he is the man but also what my poor, his money from his bag". Then she privileged back Italian fiance.

But the's don't last long. Work to live the old husband does not love her party, she has to anticipate and accept, but what you want is the "Ballast" old mistress, prompting him to set me up Eagle regretful, to know her values, then do not achieve. Tung only add views and often as possible to believe the bad things he thought about her is true, and neglected her decisions.=

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