Sharing of human values from girls 'the worst in the world'

When born, Lizzie Velasquez weighs more than a weight a bit. The doctor told his parents Lizzie that she can never talk or walk. But they were wrong. In 26 years, you do both things – in a professional manner.

From 2013, Lizzie began to become known on the Internet as a speaker in his talk at TEDxAustin, Texas titled "How do you define yourself?". She tells about her being bullied-both on the net and life, being called "the worst woman in the world" along the obstacles she faced. Just a few days, the video recording of this talk was a million views on Youtube. And to date, it has more than 9 million views.

Last year, when do the documentary film about her life, Velasquez finally diagnosed health condition. She suffered a rare Pediatric-geriatric syndrome world only 3 people were infected. This syndrome is making her unable to gain weight. She has never weighed more than 30 pounds, no body fat, regardless of how much food. The disorder also causes her to suffer from premature aging and blind an eye.

Lizzie suffers a rare syndrome that causes her to suffer from premature aging and unable to gain weight.

"Many times I am extremely frustrated and angry. I do not know what to blame or anger anyone. Birthday would also whisper, night before going to bed is also prayer. I say: God, take it away from you. Make the back to normal "-Lizzie said in the Summit on women and sport espnW in California last week.

When speaking before the crowd, Lizzie extremely natural-she relaxed, funny and very close. Share with the Huffington Post, Lizzie for or each time standing on the stage, she felt like being home.

But boy, Lizzie often tease him, ESC eyes or sometimes ignored. When starting kindergarten, the first time in his life Lizzie realizes that the other children frightened her. Back home, his parents asked Lizze suffered so. And the answer of her parents are today-Lizzie insisted. "They say, you can't do both. The only difference was the much smaller than with the other. I love you dad and will support, help your achieve all their dreams".

Lizzie's parents treat her like a normal child. But others are not. Small salmon each time she came to the Park, adults are talking suddenly stopped and looked at her staring. She also denied when anyone asked to go to the water park, because of her show dressed in a bath, people will come out on the table.

When the level up, Lizzie has non-stop effort to be able to look in the mirror and feel OK with myself. With the love of his parents and two brothers, she began to become more confident.

"Our family very close. They helped me realize that in life, we really have two choices. We can feel sorry for yourself and trapped forever in the pity, but we can also accept what you have and stop comparing yourself with other people ".

Photo Shoot Lizzie Velasquez to father Lupe, sister Chris, brother Marima and mother Rita 2010 in Austin, Texas.

To level 3, Lizzie began to write newspaper and help the school shooting almanacs. She even joined the school's cheerleader.

In 17 years, Lizzie accidentally see a long video 8 minutes on Youtube called her "the most ugly women in the world".  This video-which already has thousands of views and comments-stripped away any confidence that Lizzie built.

Few comments told you "make a gun, put up the top and dump his farewell ride"-"world without you're beautiful". Or "make bags that team up early, lest people see you'll blind eye to lose". While very sad, but Lizzie's first thought is how to protect her parents-she feared that this video will make your parents hurt much more than ourselves.

She cried on the floor every hour and even started wondering what that comment right there. "Maybe we should kill the truth"-Lizzie at the age of 17. "Many people say that, sure, Yes.

"But there is a little hope in the voice over in my head, I don't listen to them. My parents said that we need to learn to forgive, because we don't know the life they've been through what ".

The next year, Lizzie according to College at the University of Texas. "Over time, I learned that the only way that you can let people see that they can not judge you is who is making ourselves better." -Lizzie share.

The main thing that caused her to become presenters encouraged everyone. She carefully observed the famous presenters on the network and get the ' anti bullying ' to do his mission. Last year, she came to Washington, DC to filed up the Congress campaign against bullying. Lizzie wrote three books about his life and the documentary titled "brave heart: the story of Lizzie Velasquez".

"It messed my life"-Lizzi told the audience. "For too long, I Have thought that I was alone in this world. But now, I know that pass the test. You get hurt, you weak-but not all. You have to let yourself experience those moments. I guarantee that when doing this, you'll excitedly over 10 times to make themselves better. "=