Shock when her husband hit right on the operating table lay

My husband than I was five years old, is a civil engineer, love each other from when I was a student in two, married after four years, does my son coming two years. My family in suburban Hanoi, have authority and stature; her husband's family in the Central, very poor, all to big things from marriage, procedures, economy, jobs are a family hand I take, my husband's family is almost abandoned.

I was born my husband and mother took sick father-in-law reasons should not visit you, nor was a call to enquire daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Because of this so the couple lyrics, and her husband slapped through me right when I was on the bed.

Shock when her husband hit right on the operating table lay.

Although he repeatedly slapped but this time I am extremely shocked, thinking a lot and suffer postpartum depression for a long time. Forever after, I again hear from the mouth mother-in-law said she is not out to meet girls at my tongue because unlucky, she lay their diets. My new mother-in-law exposure then see gentle, naivete, over time see her simple, somewhat unreal, not true; her or to Italy, whispered to his son with little about both the bride (my daughter-in-law Saturday).

Don't know if my family condition better that she acted with my son and nephew both of Mrs. All interested she spent most of her husband's brother's House for you, and my I she leave. On occasion, filled, birthday, I invited her out to know where eating accommodation of children and meet his family but she hasn't any time off. Regardless of breed, filled, full, five ailing hospital, she also shelves. I call, call, did she not call me, I call Mrs spring and sad to hear. My husband always listen to and defended his mother, regardless of whether she's right or wrong.

She is the cause of the conflict, my spouse doesn't,. I am the living Frank, know, beautiful appearance, has the education level, the work is social esteem. Previously, around successful people, I have more than you in every way but I gotten all to come with him. Ourselves we married for love for each other is too large. My parents also empathy and support for two very much, because she's probably the home situation should also not do me some friggin' slack criteria that more trade and more in love with him.

More women in the husband, I get my husband back falling down the bottom that no more than one. After the wedding, my husband became so totally different, clearly is the route, or the Classifieds, to abdomen, sarcastic and artificially. My husband yanked me right when just sitting in the car, flowers several times at his home, middle of the road, even in my parents home. Married smoldering conflicts began when I became pregnant in the first month, the first sentence for my husband when pregnant that to death cannot forget is "let it go". Pregnancy, risk ran well in large part because I suffer from psychological factors from mother-in-law and husband.

I am pregnant but says nothing about the family home are straight hand slaps, giúi neck. I constantly stress, dissatisfaction and negative every time; hand-cut, sleeping pills all but no. I persistent, can not get. I took my husband because of deep feelings, loving husband should thoroughly after each I like are you weeping van promise change, I eased and for days.

Things happen are concealed, family friends relatives did not know the nature of my husband. My spouse before life but just then he was transferred should the couple about the House I live in. From here, new everything messy. The work, by the family I created.

The opportunity to make money very much, if tu Chi lo, the couple loved each other then the affluent life full enough. Here, every time the couple to English did not say not that seals off his wife and child, the family, don't ever quit, quit. From the beginning of the year till now not under four times you left like that.

More than a month ago, at home my parents, because of a little thing between husband and wife, the husband claimed children you fucking me, I is lost and Windows sấn slapped me bouncing fireflies. My ears buzzing away, tears giụa rigs, all of wrath as long memory are extruded, occasion boomed. I step up choking that scream to the husband, "Please, I have eaten a kind school, from when the new husband home, the child is suffering. He taught that that's worse ".

Later in front of my parents, I still don't have anything phony (the room my parents right there but you know what is not entangled). Since that moment, the married emotions in me as dead. My husband then still go to normal some day, then quit. Home I don't know where you're going, because you don't know how to say, when I behave with my family I am very angry, I don't want to know where to go. After this, I know my husband home her parents lay.

I have called over her husband with her mother but said the attitude she had left, stops bystander. The couple I know not from what the contact. The marriage even worse, all the impact did blunt and I urge others bottle away too much. Ago, I wholeheartedly because her husband, destroy yourself too much, forgetting to live for themselves.

I want to truly let go of finality, I hate and no longer need this husband. The immediate problem if the divorce, my parents will mind much suffering by the family home I still want to hold back for several reasons. Because love with parents that at this divorce or heal I still haven't put out was the final decision for themselves. Please get the words to share.=