Shock when her husband ' permission ' out making my son

I like dead when hearing sentence almost begging her husband: "my wife! For you make you fucking a male heir. If not, has the dead you can't close your eyes because any child, tastes ".

Me and him know each other in circumstances quite éo le. That day, because of the late hour, I rushed to Africa as the name fly on tang coffee bike to school. Near to the school gates, suddenly crashed into the disused cars turned way, I lay on the road and mango sõng. Open your eyes, found himself lying in the hospital bed I new or still living, brought to the right eye, I get a strange man Huo are lying down it looks sick.

The couple I was very much in love.

The whole time I was in the hospital, because do not want their parents to worry so I don't let everyone know. Throughout the day, he is the person I've ever packed porridge, scurry back to the hospital. ... Well worth it, because he had caused the accident for me and now it's the dealing-course-to-do.

After the discharge date, you still want to keep in touch with me. Sentiment gradually arose in the chat, dating, and finally, the wedding is the end for a love of beauty.

I quickly had her first daughter, my husband ever still prefer to have a son so my birth daughter not excited. Three years later, we continue to welcome a Princess. This time he expressed the attitude, he still very hurt my love but for the decision not be closing, subject to appease every time the child cries.

When the second child was one year old, I only I could expect, I solicited additional kids, trying to get the guy cu. Originally I don't pile, but afraid he would like to have a son too which makes the dose out awkward, I try to bring elected three times though in heart don't want because every time my very hard birth.

But "the computer not by Sun computer", the third is still also a daughter. This time he is not complaining, whining again that less is said, became more quiet. To compensate for the uk, I am more single-minded than with my wife, mother, cared for her husband and children. Three of my daughters growing, study well, and you also get a promotion. Go to where, I also praise has three lovely daughters, so docile.

Period of 10 years and out absorbent passed, I thought my husband was also pleased about his small family who embodied the love, but the worry with your mother is long due responsibility to do so. He has still not eased when a story needs to have a son. The previous evening, when we prepare to go to sleep, he said almost begging: "my wife! For you make you fucking a male heir. If not, has the dead you can't close your eyes because any child, tastes ".

Of course, something his wife would be before her husband's words and so was I.

Of course, something his wife would be before her husband's words and so was I. I cried and told him, and then he cried, even, he knelt down, I look forward I consent to you making a son.

My husband says: "I really don't understand his suffering. How much of this year, the times would go home to sit at the same moment their brothers, he also gets people talking about what the infinite Bliss should not have a son. His parents back him only if no nephew just afraid he could without her eyes. And then your friends and colleagues, he who also has a son, he is the only boss that is inferior to them. He's so busy. Moreover now, children can not lay. Please, let me earn my son ".

I was shocked when my husband actually said so. The more shocked than when cannot imagine why someone, like status in society is still the thoughts and ideas so backward.

The next day, I lead my own. I hurt myself, how much you hate him as much. I dare not trust her husband suffering back to selfish to so. Turns out long, me and the baby is just a thorn in front of her husband.

Next to my husband and advised I returned but I still do not accept, even though he says he loves me and the children. I told my husband I will only return when he really thought making a male heir but my husband doesn't agree. He says he must also have the price by a son.

I love my husband but also hate her husband. I will not let my children go back with the father always just "my son, my son". My children were big and certainly they will be hurt by a man who claims the same.=