Shock when her husband quit 'mask' out

She is the editor of a well-known Bookstore outside Hanoi. Also he was the Chief Engineer of a construction work. Siblings love each other from first sight. Who told you is love lightning. After just few days knows, the two who love each other passionately. She also recognised his love she quickly, quickly that she didn't expect to.

And then my sister pregnant, did you decide to marry. The idea of the life she will step into a new page also pink no less life before she completely unexpected before the confession just before his working paper marriages.  "Actually, he is not the Chief Engineer, you're just workers of A repair shop", "you're not actually born in X, that you were born the year X-3", "sorry I'm not graduating college B that he just finished grade 9 of the town", "in fact he is not a British home that both in my hometown" , "Actually his parents is not retired but rather on farmer grandparents day face on those early life paddy fields" ...

His sister mercy far incredibly when increasingly recognize the face of her husband's real (illustrated).

Turns out she was married to a man have an "explosion", bragging. He Weighted her sister younger than 2 years old that poor men age is something she does not like the most. In the eyes of her sister, the less age often soggy, definitely shocked. She's incredibly shock with this. After a period of calm, she temporarily eased when he heard its only I could have lied to be pleasing you. Just because I love you so much.

And she was leaving all to your sister's wedding took place. But after the wedding, he currently looks raw is a God he "broke".

At first she accepted this by my sister understand man has the face, especially when they least wife. I know you have a computer or brag, bragging because loath. I think will try to tune him out.

The House has two spouses are not stars, but when my wife's parents, relatives, friends, wife, wives, even neighbors appear then he started singing: "the British have uncles Director excuses, her American side they have the Director of the branch of Microsoft", "they said the level of you to do that for her assistant but he didn't like. To it away from the family. However he will weigh as he sang at least 10 thousand salary... ".

"The pending project completion to buy villas in the West Lake for his wife," you say that to my wife's parents. Look at my parents, happy about his son-in-law, she sat next to had just upset the formidable confusing medium. She confided: "I was ashamed because I enormously explosive agreement while the couple combined salary wasn't high, how now, we recently purchased was the Villa that OK?"

Listen to what he says, they are sister restaurant we went. They admired by tons of missions money for Surin airport through the mouth. They commend the unremitting she is happy when the numbers get a man like him.

She increasingly realised he only said is good at everything, from the small to the largest such work would not come to you. After hours, he smoothly on just eating, sleeping and playing the game. 3 years to marry him, she as a maid than a wife. Throughout the day my sister around with the chorus work, make money, take the child.

When your work is having, she comforted and accepted for him to rest and look for work. Alone she goes back home slaving and family care, rice water, raising both her husband and son.

But I want to go crazy when you can't find that out daily Cafe "tell" about the possibility of making her husband as well as the ability to conquer women.

My husband free, also, to enough to spend for the whole House, you have to work from morning to night. Most of the major work in the company, you get to do more in the evenings, doing more on vacation. When she herself is a woman who has three heads six arms, something also to hand.

But he's never Significant interest in it. Besides, you still don't feel little concerned with the wife's strenuous.

His parents, relatives up to see you eat supplements even happy, proved richer, they ask, he also borrows "Titus eye" opening her savings taking loans.

She felt tired because of the unconscious mind to cruel, degrading of the husband. Sometimes I think, why are women, people get married on her husband, and she trusted was married on to other not slaving to a sin.

On a thin weak sister, you're peeling off white, healthy, muscular ... 3 years living with his sister, keenly enough misfortune when retrieved are bragging, less despicable husband.

One day, see you are "potty" with his neighbors, his voice full of pride: "why men suffering! He looked at me, leisurely and still have the money. Do manage it should be Sir! "," I just let you borrow these hundreds of millions to do business. This time, the gauge to earn money as I seem less "... my sister memories.

He yelled at her straight in the face that: "the biggest mistake of my life is taking a husband like you!". And at this time, she really got out to change the husband as he result is not easy.

She blame herself because right from the start when he lied, she has ignored and did not consider carefully about this. To come now when her husband's true expose clear then was too late.=