Shocked when discovering future sister-in-law is 'daughter villages' has the

My brother is currently in preparation. Islamic Front, during the 4 years of College, then is the time just going to just study up master, he is out to love at all. I understand, he is still haunted by a story love year 12.

Bloody, I love a sister in the same class. To the end of grade 12, at graduation, she prepared the other suddenly say farewell, the reason is not clear, just say that don't want to love now, fear affect learning and the future later. This is extremely ridiculous, because right then, her familiar right away with a few more years, you heard was the son of man would do to stay in the Department of finance, throughout the day the shuttle bike to go to school.

Shocked when discovering future sister-in-law is "daughter villages".

At the time, he is just a student name grade 12, then no property, the future not yet know how. The story also pretty long lines and annoying, but overall this thing I just made him suffer, just hate, just angry. The psychology of chaos should the year he slipped. Years later, he resolved to retest. And from the beginning College, he just dives into the school and do more research projects, what with the teacher. To normal friends I did not see him play with one, easy to say something has a girlfriend.

My brother was in fact not that appearance would, then career off to say it, but because he is very little contact with his daughter, until age 28 still have yet to see anything provocative about what his wife or lover (now are about 30 then) so I urge parents to retire. Because both of my house who also think that he should have the job, less socialising should have also sought clues to many people, the result still the Cup.

Recently, he suddenly asked his mother not to do termites with anyone anymore, because he has "objects". This makes the whole House excited, urged quick put the future daughter-in-law of launches, and then also talking marriage. I'm also happy for him, happy for both my parents anymore. I am also very nervous waiting to see her future sister-in-law would like.

The meeting, the day I like to open. Her parents were thrilled. People love my brother is a lovely and pretty girl has charm, was so very tricky words, so that my parents like. Story background and occupation of her home, I also don't care much by him I can worry about the economy, after this she just stay at home worry homes and children. My parents don't ask much, well just expect you soon more links to grandchildren grandchildren closing.

At that time, I also feel like it. The House has more people, after this she will worry about the House, I was draining that victims should damn glad value, not to mention thinking wedding family of two people there, I am also happy to rơn up because was "foul food", xúng clothing xính excuses. I phởn up, bearing sister-in-law and brother of shooting the breeze with common flood you (say truth is that two people take pictures together very beautiful). My friend finished watching, who also beautifully compliments screamed, then admired excuses, only one, is the one of the same class, the ward I was different. Just look at the picture, it sa Sam face, said nothing, go out to a different angle and not participate in the Group of eight stories.

Once there, I don't care what their attitude to it because of the class it inherently less socialising with friends. Would doubt where, at about, it pulled me back, wait until only the two in the class, he dared to speak next. First, it asked me was my brother with sister know each other long yet, and then asked about her family, she doesn't ... I'm indifferent, had nothing to say because I went to gut out the skin which, with it also have nothing to hide.

Now I just hope my friends looked confused.

Then, it suddenly proved very dangerous face, tell me a good shock: my future sister-in-law is "daughter villages". I shot her, as have the spine adrenaline rush, but then also tried to calm down, the question surrounding the industry. It she is my lover she was made before her parents divorce it.

It is the since it Islam sneaks tucked her mother come to investigate, she also said that she heard with more people! I listen to that then moved to loss, heart pounding, just angry, but just fear. Oh my brother ... People like him, also prone to abuse.

Back home, I try to tune in to ask you information about her but you are not talking, then eat in the room worked. At this talk, mom told my mother actually reactions I heard at length. But then my mom says, maybe confused, because each new image, besides what people look downright ordinary. Listen to it, I'm cool cool and begin to hope in the word I said. This story has 2 new mother I know together, dare tell dad because my dad temperamental!

Now, 2 mother I just sought to investigate how gradually, yet outspoken with his brother in a hurry for fear of accidentally misunderstood is not insulting the other sister's honor. Now I just hope child you I look confused, home I yearn to have a daughter-in-law has for a long time.=