Sleeping posture says something about your personality?

Sleeping posture also comes up a lot of things, from who we are, what kind of music lover to alluring colors things we or the way of life that we choose.

The log-Log


This is the pose that people sleeping sideways on one side, to stretch legs and arms to put down the two sides. Though it looks hard but this type of sleeping people usually very social and friendly. Though love chatting with all the people but they like to do more with "the League" (only those exceptional). They are also very trusting and this can sometimes make them prone to getting scammed.

The longing-Yearner


This pose looks very similar to "the tree", who sleep lying sideways on one side but the arms spread out comfortably ahead, like a Mummy. The scientists said, people choose this sleeping posture are often very open minded but sometimes they can be very skeptical. They are slow to make decisions but once had lower resolution then the very stubborn, never change.

The Warrior-Soldier


People sleep in "the Warrior" supine, two handed stretch rib side. They are the tough, quiet and hated the noisy. They often set the standard, high expectations on yourself and the people around. Sleep in this posture also causes them to snore pretty to.

Free fall-Freefaller posture


People who sleep in this posture is the first look, down to the side, hand over knees. Like its name, those who sleep in the style of "free fall" often live very open, gregarious. they seem to Look at would also have generous souls but deep inside they have the worry and often want to control everything. Although it appears that desperate people but sometimes they are also very sensitive to criticism, criticism.

The sea star-Starfish


This is at least the most common sleeping posture. Who sleeps supine, the legs spread, hands reaching horizontally first, it looks a bit like cactus. These people are usually very loyal. Love you always put in a position of particular importance in their lives. They like to listen to other people's problems and willing to help whenever possible. Now their sleeping posture also shows they like are dang hands ready given away a hug!

The fetus -Fetal


People who sleep lying on one side, the leg co as the look the fetus in the womb. This is one of the very popular posture. In fact, according to a survey by the sleep expert Chris Idzikowski, author of learning how to sleep well, have the 41% who usually sleep in this fashion. If this Z-type like sleeping, it seems you have a superficial look unapproachable but inside very sensitive and shy. You also often turns serious problems or excessive worry and unnecessary.=