Smart women are known to spend money

First, I want to talk about a woman who is married, has a son. This girl is the owner of a salon in suburban Makati. Her husband is a normal officer, wages sufficient to raising children and with wife cover life.

Life marriage of her similar to how other woman, am going to do, then pick the afternoon home preparing dinner for the family. However, unlike many other women frequently laments, complaining about her life she has always proved to be happy, satisfied, never see her than depressed or tired.

Her husband loves his wife, though married 3 years but always as 2 new love. He always expressed the interest and passion with his wife. I admire her, sometimes just wish can later find a husband like that.

Once, talking to her, I do not hide the famous curious want to know secrets to keep your marriage fire and how to always have fun. She laughed: "still know happy or miserable woman is in, but husband happy or not, mainly by myself is key"

Yeah, I see you're very right, happiness is made by each person holds, why we have to expect other people to give to yourself.

She said, her happiness by her self seeking fun for himself, from marrying, she kept the money for consumer habits to their preferences, provided that know how to balance spending to non-penetrating into account living expenses of the family. She spent quite a lot of money for shopping, beauty, fashion. With many other women, the wife of another, she still looked like, from dress to style, always youthful, neatly dressed, clean. Even when she is at home, she never wore those baggy Pajamas or to hair, her Chin chu everywhere, all the time. Her concept "was a woman, should voracious attention to appearance, I don't regard myself then don't expect anyone seriously"

Women, must first know take care of yourself (artwork)

In addition, she also spent money to buy the gift my husband, donated her husband's parents. She said the psychological, everyone wants to be someone else remembered and respected. The gift but not much money, just a shirt, pants or a homemade jewelry would go but makes the gift feel very happy. When people have fun, family atmosphere will become intermittent warm, what he does not do that?

In fact, very few people get to think of her as I progress. Most of the women, when the families are changing so much than single. At this time, all the world they are driven to her husband and children. Husband's preferences into preferences, habits of her husband into their routine, how much do they are even piling to care for my husband. And that is their husband, obviously that is evident, the position of the wife just pushed down lower, below the habits, the hobby of husband,

Not to mention the many unhappy marriages, when asked, the husband said, is because your wife change her, not on people ahead of me. And then there he bored husband wife, because look at his wife, thếch lếch diffusion, contrast with the beautiful girl he used to love ...

Can see a clear fact, that the woman can only be happy when she know find the happiness for yourself. Take a smart woman, know how to make money, but also learned how to spend money.=