Stunned because the doldrums gift cigars at the eve of her husband's parents

mother-my husband said this is the first gift of her he intended for us to help the couple struggled to bear rental accommodation scene, sister husband's parents, Eve ...

Make Strawberry was three years but this is the first time I held in Hanoi. Two years ago, one year we held an internal house party in Tet at home. This year, to change the atmosphere, our couple decided to stay in the capital.

But, despite remaining in the capital, but the couple I do not own stories together that will pick two special guests up to eat and that was her husband's parents. Although not happy but I also do not have any other choice.

Because the new marriage and yet save enough money so his wife my husband still had to rent to stay. The House not too widely, so I have to take a few minutes to pack has room for her husband's parents in the new year.

I am not happy because my husband's parents are quite honest, sometimes slightly too natural. Meanwhile, on my husband's brother and sister-in-law me extremely cleverly, pleasing her husband's parents know. Compare with my sister-in-law, result even more things so I feel my husband's parents didn't like me by sister-in-law.

However, it is the part you should I am still determined to treat real good with her husband's parents to Hanoi Tet with his wife my husband to just enlist to improve feelings of her husband's parents and her husband.

When he held her, I took him to visit a few places she went to the capital, Cook the food you like. Although I was very trying but my husband's parents still didn't much change the attitude to me, still quite intimate and not be these aggressor contingency.

He she still pretty indifferent to my attention before. Therefore, I have a little crush on Chanh long and even want to leave to go to. But then I am still determined to behave really well because although he also just few minutes in here and make the unit should also fulfill its obligations.

And then, what I didn't expect is first deflated the doldrums coming of her husband's parents. Me and my husband really stunned when getting papers owned a apartment from her husband's parents.

My husband's mother said this is the first gift of her he intended for us to help the couple struggled to bear rental accommodation scene. My mother-in-law never hate or contingency these aggressor that is just like to learn more of my real people only.

Get gift from my arms my husband that I could not stop crying for too sudden and touching. I can't believe my husband parents great back then and this gift is meaningful both soy sauce and brave enough to materially and spiritually.=

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