Thank you, a married wife scene like sadomasochism

My life from the day you have always experienced the creepy when must live in bedding scene "too terrible". Almost I "requires" me, even when I determined to refuse. Each "close" my husband for me is a horrible disaster, a mental torture.

Real truth bạnh for my life because an get the gentle husband, loves her wholeheartedly and that's behind the Los is patient "sadist". Me and him newly married 5 months, so that I feel like 5 decades passed. Every day with me when night falls become a hell this earthly place. He not only "needs" excessively high, but also the very interests whenever the hell do it.

In his first, he is part of a rush out of it, I have the feeling he could not suppress his desires. Despite the pain I just plunge into the torment of my body shelves for my tears flow out due to pain and or the awe-inspiring but after I finished satisfied hugs and whispered in my ear the words have wings. At the time I was really very awesome but after several times it came next, then everything is also easier and I also feel love and pleasure when on the side.

I sometime have to change posture, even says I must do as to both the same "excitement" for Chanh long thought, I also hard to accept but I still accept and reassure yourself that, couples would have to do this all the same. I used to think: "In it, must always be attractive new changes". So I agreed to follow Italy-to the extent permitted, but I've never found it AWE as now-when was your wife.

Photo illustrations.

Many times do not meet for my husband, he stabbed out bẳn, or aggression. There have been times I table that allows my husband going out to psychological relief but he refuses. Sometimes, tolerate too much, I fainted but he still keep getting me to do it in pain, reluctantly.

I also do not recall how many times his body suffered bruises. Even when she was ill you nor do I get static.

But the real irony after "the beast computer vanish" look at the bruises on me, he looks terrible, my cuddly pet again. I originally mủi, but later I saw the disgust it of him. Because only the next evening then back on it.

Each Kingdom relations with her husband, is each time I find myself treated not by an animal. He's dismissive to the point as "rape" when I don't agree. Yes when is just "love" has just hit me to satisfy his desire.

My life is always in the vicious circle: tormenting him, then back to remorse, love that because I think of gratitude should ease back mủi couple please forgive.

How married life this year for me was hell and moments when my husband insist relations are terrible moments in my life. I like to break up my husband, because is no longer sufficient to "serve" him anymore.=