Thanks I've lost her!

I thank her previous lover was away, even making her miserable to me-who to after having been happy as today..., marriage, ...

I met you on a look at you, evenings quietly by the river watching the water went ignored, just rolling on the cheek is the tears. I did not please the pliers is that raising the camera up to record beautiful moments ... and then I'm officially known.

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Thanks I've lost her-so I have to be happy today!

At first I hard to reach than I thought, I was always quietly, less say and as always looked to the distance, his eyes I brought a sadness inexpressible, that I like being submerged in it.

The appointment you coffee is the only time I hear silence, sometimes because of deliberately making children laugh that I become idiots in the eyes of many. I even do not know why I do it!

And then my relationship and I have moved what variables the word etiquette, ask the monotony, but I know I love you from the first look, it's the world I live it closed too which I like to step into is not easy.

Was the man had entered the age of 30 I no longer dreamer, living very practical because of life I have spent making people mature and ripen. Most are those who do the construction industry as I know many collisions, and less exposure.

I somewhat understand you through what I feel, I have pain that is certainly due to betray make you lose confidence with the love, I'm sometimes afraid of marriagelife. The emotional piece that did I hurt deeply and I no longer want to open with.

I do the construction industry so I don't party much time, just see you (of course as a friend) at the end of the week, when it had arranged the job. There are times I agree but also not a few times I turned from.

But I'm not easy to give up, I want you will become the mother of my child right from the first sight. I want to know about the past of me though it is how flat, the want to pull children out of the casing where you're from locked in it.

With my persistence, I gradually open more, the words of children rather than through per-chat, I know that's the signal. I know I have changed in the way you look for me, especially my feelings for you I can't deny.

Over one year after date knew I confess love children, I said I need time, I understand and accept that.

The day I agreed to do my lover, tell me you love story full of tears that I is the main character.

I was your boyfriend cheated, betrayed him to catch, that person promises to qualify, also said both to marriage, also on home I play ... But when he lies, not with anyone else again is my best friend.

Earlier, when said to marriage, because love should I also granted away life daughter. ... I'm told that tears the back contacts, I understand you want to tell me so that I know you like and why I collect myself again ...

I accept the pain of children, accept human children at present, honest children, frail and need to cover, especially children who I love, I accept the pros as well as cons of children. And we are people who love after that day.

I care, I care little by little, I'm sure, hard working and very dutiful to their parents. That's what I realized in human children after a time in love.

To date we have been preparing to conduct the wedding, I write up here to share with you to read about a girl, who is my wife, who I love very much, in particular I must thank her previous lover was away, even making her miserable to me-who to after but has been happy as today!=

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