The actions of her husband makes his wife hurt

Advocates of native chặp and it's ready to pour out the error for my wife

When the mother-in-law not you berries, they are ready on the side of parents that blame the wife didn't know How to eat in. Not only hate, women feel angry when men like arbitration. With women, the man once married they must know the wife also has an important position rather than him is no longer the kid always mum again.

See the daughter when his wife is next

It's a vice that the wife could not preferred. When in love, not any man foolish to see the other girl while her lover on the side. Although the girl's beautiful. They know if doing so, the risk of losing a lover would be very high. But after marriage, known to his wife could not leave because of the illness, bad boy Ty so sometimes the guy ... also glanced the pretty woman on the street. Women are very observant, they can quickly get out. At other women while next to his wife what makes weak faction hurt self-esteem, embarrassing with people around, do women think you have offended the honor, lowering their dignity.

The unconscious mind

Get married, the husband must be the lack of mitigating attention, take care. the wings you beard back extremely superficial, not have attention to the feelings of his wife's thoughts. Birthdays, wedding day is always the day that you antennae is very easy to forget. Will not have any justification would convince one when her husband showed a lack of enthusiasm, attention.

Brooding talk

This is a common feature of many husbands. The guy hardly interested in your story, just ậm Yes in response. When love and taken together, women are always considered as the man's seat of trust can offer advice, help people when they are in trouble. However, when man suspended go, didn't bother to what his wife says. This makes women vulnerable.

Amorous gathered beer with friends 

When in love, the guy is always on the side of right when you need it, but after marriage, the new guy exposing computer bad, regularly gathered with friends that don't care to time back with his wife.Man they give themselves the right to drink alcohol. That women are extremely hated their man you don't surf craftsman.

Compare my wife with another woman

The comparison makes women feel themselves not be respected. Can my wife looks not like her, but for sure my wife will have more points. The comparison of the husband is very unfounded.

Not to mention the feelings of his wife when the grace of charity 

It does not notice that their relations with his wife just to cater to the needs of the self. They want at any time is required at the time and forget about the feelings, the wishes of his wife.

Complain about women's shopping

Almost women would also spend a lot of time, costs for stores. But with their husbands, that's the stuff you don't need. They are not comfortable when his wife shopping. The wife hated every man complained to his wife about this.

Don't care when ill wife

At sick is at the woman wants her man to cast care, motivate the most. So, if my husband were not interested, the wife will find themselves abandoned, from which to make her hurt and anger.=