The bitter ending for wife

HA in a remote mountainous region is more than 300 kilometres. Because of tight economic conditions should Ha abort dream College scarf wrapped down the capital as workers. Garment company where HA work set in a suburban district of Hanoi. She paints lovely ladies, Whitty, bear, bear hard luck entered the eye of Male-managed garment Ha work. The first time, about the plight of his inferiority should dare not open to female, but eventually ' fire near on long straw also sharp ", along with sincere interest, considerate of you, Ha Nam loving always or.

The wedding was held after 6 months of dating and Men like beautiful ending to a love story. Joy again mirrored when Ha ha baby son after more than a year of marriage. Thought life will drift away like peaceful until the son Ha rounded a years.

Fateful morning goes to buy birthday gifts for boys, step into the booth sold to children, my heart stopped beating as Galaxy in the face of forest-first love on schooling. Lin also equally presumptuous, I surprised to see Ha in a strange place, surprised beauty of Ha has beautiful pieces, soak up more full. After the initial embarrassment, Lin Min and HA are natural back to near the talk. Then, the Forestry College under this, outside school hours Forestry made some more money. Know the Ha family, Lin has now expressed regret. When separated, don't forget to Exchange phonenumbers.

Is she did broke away everything (artwork)

Every day Ha and Lam sneaky texting each other. HA has been paying, blame themselves much, but not enough to win all these unfinished emotional stuff, but also new sinful. Southern noticed the lethargy of his wife, but he said that because of how busy tired Ha take my husband, then worries about housing, and income, paying her, but the message of love of the Forest still come every day. HA not mastered myself, her affair behind her husband, stealing the awkward.

"Needle in the wrapped long on wild out also". Everything is messy when once her husband lie to go visit the Galaxy together in the hostel. Today, right on South shopping for mom. Are going on the road, the oldest Male of a pair of pass another setback over the front, look very familiar. Determined spirit back, remember the dress this morning Ha even today and thought of just flicking through the girl. Instincts right, South gang Chase train station.

Doubles stopped, the girl stepped down, remove the password page. Second, everything around the South seemed to be reeling, the son who was strangling me heart. Not mastered themselves, South of broad to: "Ha!". HA startled back, bags on her hand fell to her side, forestry, expressed embarrassment, fear.

Bitter men step down, must refrain from Lam not to give Ha slap. He didn't say much, just look at every word, dude?: Ha "About right". South discarded, chasing him weeping, behind Forestry stung as Sun grown.

Arriving at the House, weeping, her husband beg forgiveness, but the cold push Ha. South let go of a TB, that maybe all my life, Ha will never forget, will day end until his death: "the life I don't need a man she betrayed." HA himself knew, from the moment that you lose all right, don't blame anyone, blame only yourself you elated ... People like you, not begging for forgiveness, as not to get forgiveness, she also dare not face. Wait for the baby to take her class on Bi will embrace you again, and then everything after this, she to Male decision.=