The first Sino-2015 years of destiny

The old Horse born in 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014. This year the years Meridian has a new look, money map wide open, there are many opportunities to grow. Take the opportunity to invest, not to be missed. Work and your maximum fine but inside always feel alone, empty. Have illness but not great, attention to health care.

This year the years Meridian has a new look, money map wide open, there are many opportunities to grow. 

Career: Favorable job, granted on credibility, promote the ability of itself, but when many or think instead of others that lost his opportunity, need to adjust the Centre accordingly. To learn more knowledge, more business expansion or her management, this field will also be advantageous in your work. Whether you are outside or servants also need careful sub-personalities foiled. People born in 1966 over the remaining years of strenuous but not earning how much. People born in 1990 had the breakthrough work.

Your shipping rate: This year your maximum have good expression, hanh. Along with the promotion, financing is also favorable. To avoid excessive spending as well as venture capital because that can lead to large losses.

Health: No big deal but the former disease easy to relapse, should strengthen the training of sport, wellness. People born in 1978 when making or receiving guests needed attention health, alcohol restrictions due to very easy there are diseases of the stomach. People born in 1954 is disease related to the digestive system, it should limit map and hot spicy oil.

Love marriage: Emotional year progressed well but who was married notes over to the family, avoid relationships with the opposite sex. Easy-to-find singles who love.

Direction to solve: Can be used for jewelry, jade Feng Shui reconcile somewhat. The age Meridian to receive the bless of the Buddha a destined mahasthamaprapta bodhisattva. Use yellow as yellow hair quartz, amber, will be beneficial to you.=