The mentality of the wife to live with her husband's lover

Me and my husband came together not because of love, he came to me just because I was the daughter of the boss and as a drama, created by me. I'm a stubborn girl, louts, don't fear the Sun is not afraid of the land but blindly in love with you. My dad knew it should try pairing assignment for me and you in pairs. I also want to possess their own you will when you don't have a little love with me, should have tried to change myself, more gentle, more feminine.

And then it seems as close to him as I love you more, seem cold, the indifference of the British as squeeze ngẹt heart. I am the daughter of a wealthy noble family so when I hurt my dad was the most pain. He was promoted to English, English to get the contacts and money, his family as well so that you bloom and bloom. But he still didn't move. I prepare to give up the opportunity to. Today is my dad's birthday, when visitors partying has melted then you have drunk, you don't and I have to bring you back, watching him sleep drunk I just have a desire to be with you a well enough. Selfishness, love in my wake, I arranged a drama as in the movie or have.

I still feel terrible when I saw your eyes sour I'm not a piece of cloth covering the torso on the bed, it has a little something shocking but graceful scornful looks. This has to do a ' wild horse ' in my wake, I have to make my husband do, make you must obey me.

I love him but despite trying to I you don't reciprocate her feelings (artwork)

Then you also have to marry me when I hand over the 4-week-old pregnancy examination paper is right on with the other incident has occurred. The wedding took place as my prayer, happiness overwhelmed because there were to be the man you love. The child gradually grow in the love of both I and he, like my love for him also results, he had good laugh saying, caress me and also looking forward to the child. I like breaking pours in happiness.

But then my sky active secret was discovered. He silently walks the baby's DNA test and found out it was just my trap. That day because I wanted I didn't hesitate to pay for an artificial insemination to have a child to bind. I am crying, begging him to forgive, I do it all well just because I love you, too.He remains calm that says: "I did fall away all, I gradually felt the love of children more than on the pillow blanket, but you didn't tell me the truth. I really detest you people take your kids out to make a joke, I despised me and my family! "

Once you like piercing in my heart, I made the mistake, I fool lost his love just because the milieu of his youth, price wise enough as I wait for the time I had him. Now I'm bitter look him back with the girl he loves.

Because I do not want to and my dad had to take sides, I suggest still living with me and my child but will be under one roof two different lives. Recently, I know a girl and back to her. He also tells me that she is a good girl, loves him despite knowing he had a wife, and accept life after life.

I still love you, look at you, baby child's Chair I am not from there is a longing to be. Though not as well, I'm still looking forward to seeing you on the day left in his house. And I suggest you can bring her about living with us. Everyday I still saw my husband and mistress Tangerine wrap together, pillow hug silently cry night night that helpless. I have no voice whatsoever, but rather that I no longer qualify to say her husband. Yeah, I have to thank him for not insult me, do not deny my child. What do I do now? Should I let go because someone you love or not? Should I get for him? Many times I tried but when thinking of the scene no longer see you heart back tightness. I urge readers of the entry for me an advice, a share so that I can gently let go of that.=