The mind of the mother lay people of Harvard University PhD

If poverty is the best universities, then I would like to say that the mother of my farmer is the best teacher of life..., the mentality of parents ...

The story about the will to strive, reached the full ambition has really lay people. And above all, it is the story of the sacrifice of the mother in Germany. Vietnam Women's day 20/10, we posted the story touched that Dr. Kim Security By (Jinpeng An), Chinese, graduated mathematics at Harvard, tells of his poor mother.

On May 9, 1997, the day I left home to go to enter Beijing University, Faculty of mathematics. Kitchen smoke long tops take off up from on top of the old farmer's House my family. The mother of my hobble legs are cooked pasta for me, the flour has been thanks to my mother in chicken eggs for neighbors, mother injured foot because some day ago, so little money for me admission, parents pushing a truck full of vegetables from the countryside out of town, on the road from being derailed.

Carry the bowl of noodles, I was crying. I let go of the wand on your knees straightening massage seat, ground bulging swelling to more than the mother's dumplings, tears hit the ground ... My home in Tianjin, the village of Great Friendship, Wuqing district, I have a good mother for the worldly name is Stacie. The House I am extremely poor.

When I was born, her grandmother fell sick right on the bed, I was four years old, his grandfather sick narrow trachea and busts of real satisfied, the large debt over the year. When seven years old, I was going to school, the tuition fee loan is the mother of another. I often go pick up the pieces of a pencil friends throw away, taking the strapping it up a stick and then write next, or using a rubberband wiping the play book of exercises has written, then rewrite it.

To me, the mother also has a couple of DIME borrowers at neighbors to buy SOAP and pencil for me. But there are also fun, when the mother is when any small test or exam grew, I always head, payment is usually 100/100. Under the encouragement of his mother, the more I learn the more widely seen. I really don't understand what there life beyond than learning.

Yet grade one school I was fluent in addition, subtraction, multiplication, Division and fractions, number percent; When the primary school I have learned to master Math, Physics, chemistry of high school. When up, the city of Tianjin held physical exams of high school, I was the only rural kids of all five suburban districts of Tianjin was the prize, one of the three people do head. In June of that year, I was straight to the No. 1 high school of Tianjin, I'm happy running like flying home.

Would doubt, when I reported the good news for all parents face, containing all the suffering; her grandmother has just died, his grandfather half year are close by, the death I was indebted to the more than ten thousand Yuan. I quietly returned to school, tears as rain during the day. To the dark, I heard outside the home have noise. So my mom was going to pimp my asses of the House goes on sale, I go to school, but I won't. DIN do his grandfather heard, he is very ill, he was upset at the left. After the burial ceremony, my house has added several thousand Yuan of money owed.

I no longer dare to mention in school anymore, I take off the "admission Certificate" thoroughly into the pillow, my fellow working out daily with her mother. After two minutes, and three at the same time I discovered: donkey baby disappeared. Three iron on, I asked my mother:

-You sold my donkey? She was nervous? After this what the food coloring, drag Ms. propelled car, she mated? She sold the trick a two hundred silver material for it learned a semester or two semesters?

That day my mother crying, my mother used a very aggressive very intense voice to scream at the three I's:

-Their children demanded to go to school, then what's wrong? It was the number 1 school up examination of the city it is the only child of this district, I can't let money map of missed it bad. I'll push back, using your hand, let it go.

Take six hundred currencies just sold mother cheated, I really just want to kneel down before stamping. I've love to learn, but also to study, then the parents will how much suffering, how much more bươn hard cover?

That autumn, I returned home to get cold, to see three coat I like gold wax, skinny leather wrapped the bones are lying on the bed. My mom even said: "nothing is coming out, and then,". Who's next, I see the shell of the potion, then found smoking prevents cancer cells grow. I dragged my mom out of the House, crying about how mom asked, her mother said, after I go to school, the three began to go beyond the increasingly heavy, blood up.

Parents borrow six thousand Yuan put three up Tianjin, Beijing going around, finally identified as colon bowel polyps need u, the doctor asked to slaughter three fold. My mother prepared to borrow money, but not for three. He said, their friends and customers loans across lenders that do not just turn charged then who else wants for their loans.

Picture 1 of The mind of the mother lay people of Harvard University PhD Photo 1 of The mind of the mother lay people of Harvard University PhD

Go worldliness nobody as good as mom

The neighbor told me, my mother used a primitive method and coated ball moments to barley. The mother does not barley started the saddled enough treasures to plucking seeds, I don't have the money to hire people to help, and he gradually achieved, where nine barley achieved it, then use the car carrying home improvements, up to her mother a plastic fabric out, taking both hands grab each holding barley smashing up a rock to ... Barley grown on three acres of home alone, my mother do, tired to get up anymore I squat down on your knees, knee cut is still bleeding, just lamely streetwear ... Don't wait tell the neighbors, I run like flying home, crying to call his mother: "mom, mom, I can't go to school anymore ...".

The results, still escorting me to the school. Subsistence money every month just 60 to 80, pathetic if compared with other school friends each month 200-240. But only I know, this little money my mother must also be an ASSH., from the early days, has spent every dime, each selling chicken eggs, green vegetables fetch each Council, there is not enough at save few double dozen temporary shock should have. That my father, my brother, seems to never have food, if the House doesn't dare eat vegetables sauteed in fat, just little melon through salt water chan packed. My mother didn't want me hungry, every month my mother hard to walk more than ten kilometres to buy shrimp with the wholesale price.

Then each month, parents mated a heavy bags struggled up Tianjin visit me. In addition to the packages, there is shrimp many folded the paper kind mother to walk out a printing outside the town is 6 km to please me (that is the paper to me drafts), both a very poignant contrast to bottles, cabbage, Julienne salt and a trimmer to cut hair. (The cheapest Barber Tianjin must also 5, my mother wanted me to spend the money to buy more hair cut this dumplings that feed).

I was the only high school student of Tianjin to the vegetables in the kitchen also not afford, can only buy a few dumplings, bring about a student eating along the dry noodles or dotted with Chili, pickling tweezers to eat through the packed. I also was the only student there is no paper check, can only make the paper a face of printing to write the article. I'm a single student had never used SOAP when washing clothes I usually go the kitchen please less alkaline cooking powder (alkali-alkaline substance, used for cleaning dumplings, pie, soda water) is done. But I never inferiority, I felt my mother suffering extreme lifetime, as the hero against poverty, made the son of his mother so I'm very proud of.

New salmon up Tianjin, the first English lessons made me buzzing sound. When my mother up, I told my mother to hear I am afraid English, who suspected his mother just laughed: "I know I'm a child of the most extreme suffering, my mother doesn't like my calling for tough, because the subject is gauge what the ball hard anymore."

I'm a little stuttering, someone said, learning English should first master was his tongue, so I usually make a mouth shut his gravel, and then trying to read English. The pebbles rubbed on my tongue, blood flow out of the rim, but I try to persevere. Half a year has passed, the small pebbles were round-grinding away, my tongue was also smooth, I had a good third of the English class. I am extremely thank my mother, my mother encouraged me to overcome great difficulties in learning.

In 1996, the first time I competed in Olympic national knowledge area of Tianjin, won For physics and mathematics in second, I represented Tianjin go Hangzhou competed in China physics Olympic. "Get the full prize Cup China donated the mother, then the world's Physics Olympiad", I can't stop desire in my heart, I wrote to tell her mother the good news and my dream. The result, I only get the second prize, I lay things out the bed, do not eat not drink. Although I was the highest achievement in the Tianjin delegation go contest, but if including miserable parents, this achievement does not deserve!

I'm on the field, the master sat analysis of the causes of failure for me see: I want the comprehensive development both in Math, Physics, chemistry, the target of so much mental effort should I be wide dispersion.

If I select a goal ahead is certain, my Math exam. In January 1997, I finally win at China Mathematical Olympiad exam with a score of absolute, a finalist in the national team, all ten test exams in my team are headed. With that achievement, I been to Argentina to join the international mathematical Olympiads. Submit completed registration fee, I wrapped the books need to prepare soy beans and spicy mother's back, preparing to hit the road. The homeroom teacher and the teacher teaches Math to see I still wear clothes someone else's waste to, what clothes color where rolls on, different sizes, and he opened my wardrobe, just on the town coat players patched, the cotton jacket hand had to connect two times, the tie had to be pieced together three , asked me: "Kim By, this is all my clothes?"

I don't know what to say in response: "the rush, you are not afraid of other people cooking jokes! My mother often said, Owners of mail-Order Gas Competition in the Palm has all the bright face book, I wear these things go to America to meet President Clinton I don't feel embarrassed ".

On 27 July, the world Mathematics Olympiad 38 officially kicks off. We continually test throughout the year and a half, from 8:30 am to 2 h pm. The next day announced the results, first announced the bronze medal, I don't want to hear his name; then announced the final, silver medal, announced gold medals, first person, second person, third person is me. I cried as the Rapture, in self said: "mom, my son did it!".

Believe me and a friend again won the Gold Medal in the mathematical Olympiads now that afternoon was the Central People's broadcasting station and China Central television station TQ TQ put. On 1/8, we return to glory, a solemn ceremony was the China Science Association and the Chinese mathematical society organization.

Then, I want to go home, I want to see my mom soon, I want my hands wearing yellow medal mom stock up. .. More than ten hours of the night that night, I finally got the night sky team arrived home. The opening is three, but one of the hands holding me in the chest before the parents. Under the Sun the stars were out vặc, mother

I took the gold medal plates worn over the neck, weeping mother in a way relieved and happy. On 12/8, high school of Tianjin filled person, my mother was sitting on the table along with the Honorary President of the Tianjin Bureau of education officials and the leading Professor of mathematics. That day, I stated this:

"I want to use all my life to thank a person, is the mother was born and raised. My mother is an ordinary peasant woman, but the moral mother taught me so people have encouraged me all my life. My grade 10 year, I like to buy the book "the great British-Chinese dictionary" to learn English, my mother had no money, but I still think the way to help me. After the feast, the mother I borrowed a car enhancements, a quality vegetables, white mother I push to market the district over 40 km to sell vegetables. To be fair was near noon, the morning that me and my mom just ate two bowls of corn porridge cooked with sweet potato red, at that tummy hunger, just hope anybody to buy for both vegetables right now.

But parents still patiently bargain each bunch, eventually selling 1 dime a weight. Two hundred pounds of vegetables probably 21, but buyers only pay 20 Yuan. Have the money then I want to eat rice, but parents said should go buy the book before, it is the main work today. Us to ask, are 8 currencies 2 dime 5 coins, buy the book and then rest 1 Yuan Hao 7th 5 cents. But my mother just gave me 7 and a half dime go buy two loaves baking powder, one other currencies have to take off to go to for me to do the course fee. However, ate two pies, but the next 40 km walk home, I'm still hungry to the point of dizziness vertigo, I remember I had forgotten the part for the mother to eat a piece of cake baking, my mother suffered from hunger all day, because I'm that way throughout her sled only 80 km.

I regret that just want to slap yourself one, but my mother just said: ' little Mother culture, but I remember when young was the teacher teaches is the Golgi, have said a sentence: poverty is the best University. If you graduated from the University, then the University such as Tianjin, Beijing children certainly were parked ".

When I say that I don't look at me, I look at the way the distant land, like dirt roads that can to Tianjin, go straight to Beijing. I heard my mother says, I don't see the hunger anymore, my feet are not tired anymore ... "If poverty is the best universities, then I would like to say that the mother of my farmer is the best teacher of my life".

Under the stands, did not know how much the eyes were drenched, I turned toward the mother Grizzly hair, bowed down respectfully ...=

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