The pain of knowing my husband 'adultery'

We come together when he experienced the breakdown of first love. He and the girl loved each other for four years of College, they determined the school will make the wedding, but everything is unfinished when her family objected to the story of two men, her parents said he died, poor white trash ... She is not convinced his parents should give farewell to you. Also my husband when he, just pain because of being betrayed, have just been touched the self respect should decided gotten friendship aside for the career focus.

A few years later, when there was a stable job with a high salary, he asked me to do my wife. Out to say I had fun and happiness to the world. I love you silently from the day before, so from when he and the girl that broke up, I was always in the right, comforting encouragement.

The marriage of we are very peaceful, non-turbulent but also not too fiery. He rounded the duty of a husband, a good father. Sometimes, I also feel our feelings of lack something but I don't know what to fill from.

One day, the computer I'm broken, nothing to do so I had to use my husband's machine. Done, curious to know your machine what should I open the data drive. Suddenly, I'm a sensible file has saved the letters HP.

What to do when the shadow of the old man he is too big? (Artwork)

I suddenly feel jittery, HP, not more common than Ha, is the name of the girl. I run run open each of your posts. The inscription as dancing before my eyes, my tears fell Lü BU new, turned out yet another day would you remember about the girl. There he wrote the article on her birthday, for her love as the love. He said, despite how well will always remember her, still watching her, though the two men are no longer together.

Each sentence every word I write as cứa on my heart. I love her so much? Nearly a dozen years, and then, she now has his own family, why he won't forget. Through what you write, I know 2 people who they never met again, so my husband still nostalgic old do?..

Now I understand why many years past my husband again unwilling to me so. In my sidebar but I still always thought meters to ex-lover. I just got injured just angry at him, now I don't know how you faced. I haven't done anything at fault with my mother, but this is due to two people who have met, if there the day they met again, he has not betrayed me. My husband will love how, when that shadow the old man he is too big?=