The secret of keeping a good relationship with co-workers work

Consultation a number of recipes that help to build good relationships with colleagues work below:

Always open minded, fun with everyone

Blooming smile, and greet every day you set foot to the company will help you to become more sociable, fun, lovely in the eyes of everyone.

If the day would come to the company, you also plug in the plug going to the stock seat and working right then unavoidable colleagues in the room no one interested in the presence of you, worse, everyone will tell you that it's hard to close, eventually everyone will alienate you you will isolate themselves in a collective.

You get the habit to smile, greet the people daily. This will help you improve relationships with people very well. Moreover, also helps you score in the eyes of the people. This behavior just polite just might break the ice in the work environment which many complicated and pressure.

Make a person behave polite and proper

No one will ever love or value a person behave rude, funny, especially in an environment where there are many people, each person in a computer. Not everyone is sympathetic enough to those who like that.

Where you work is a social currency is in your actions can affect many people around. An open environment such as in the Office should behave really fudge the your personal preferences don't bother to others.

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Have team work spirit

In the course of work, will inevitably have to group at work. This work required the members are together, side. There are people who are very personal work efficiently, but when the Working Group, without success. All are due to the collective spirit yet. Learn to listen to the members of the group, joined the staff contributions equally, avoiding the imposition of his thoughts to others. Try to complete his job in good standing, not pace, slow progress and affect other members.

No jealousy, says fellow bad

When colleagues achieve achievement in work, be sincere compliments, congratulations. Don't get jealous, jealousy, this is very bad attitude that everyone hates. If you want to Picture yourself well in the eyes of everyone, please remove immediately the jealousy in his head, instead, let's strive to be as people.

Colleagues say bad is terminally illness hard to cure of the Office. In the highly competitive environment, the defames aims to displace those space colleagues what happened as rice packed. This is a bad habit if caught, you are prone to people shunned, isolated. Should cease this immediately, if not satisfied, take a candid exchange with each other.

"Life is not filled with kindness"

Life honesty, candor will help you have the relationship you really nice friends in a complex environment. Honest personality though where to go, where or what people are still highly topical. Thus, you just staying true to her crush, tactful at the right time, the right place, the right place. Don't turn yourself into a human eye in flattering coins, drafts people, frankly speaking out his comments, brave get wrong when I suffer disadvantages. Virtues that will help you have the nurses you really, and also help you improve yourself as more positive dimension.=