The smart man must know interested parents and defended his wife

Each had a story that makes all men are thinking. There is a quiz for a man: in a table list, he will choose one, who will you choose to go with you to this life? Friends, parents, siblings, children or wife? And finally, after every brick required someone off the list, then the only person left is his wife.

Your friends when to do, when the painter sometimes ball one. The brothers grew up, everyone has his own family and live the life of their own. Elderly parents and also quit, unable to be with us until the end of his life. The children as they grow they have to their family, their children and a lot of the distractions.

Rest only wife I with me to the end of his life. Turns out people can join me when we ache, weakness when poverty, the same sad, when after we ... might just be your partner in the next. So, men need to have a new woman, woman need man. When the child is old when the couple, do you mind.

The smart man must know to defend his wife. Photo illustrations

So, is that men don't ever put my mom and my wife up a scale for measuring, calculating needs.

And the wise man, don't listen to rush's mother, sisters had judge, executions.

A lot of you husbands often have catchphrase: "I have a wife, then abandoned his wife took another wife's fine". So when I say the sentence: "The Naughty wife, Monster, said that changes in my me. You're right is taken to the debt Agency. Go baby ". That is very much the husband has to follow.

A good man, really think they will know learn why and go solve the causes it not to see his wife with her parents is not left you took her to the other.

The husband sees his wife not his mother, not caring to be parents then go get married no other other entries, not enough column thing sure to do for my wife and also not enough insight to parents we have a daughter-in-law.

So, wise men just have to know the care mother, just to know you're wife defended.=