The strange marriage customs in the world

1. Fat-didn't get my husband

In Mauritania, the daughter before taking her husband to eat plenty to tonic body laced develop to the highest level. A fat woman, short neck, chest, waist, shoulder width was viewed as a charming, beautiful women.

Don't need beautiful face, slender physique that just has the standard on the Môritani girls are the women who have the traditional beauty of this place. Any man would also be proud when married a wife are full of this standard.

To make a sheet of my husband, the girls in this West African nation have to accept implementation of the method of "fattening" from the up 8. To get the husband, the girls have to consume a food intake up to 15000 calories each day. Obesity here is considered a sign of wealth and prestige.

2. Man must ... cover the net

In the region of Tualaji (Libya) had the custom of men to cover the network.

In Tualaji, the men would be treated as free citizens of the newly covered network. Man in other areas when married with the girl in the Tualaji must stay away, and when moved in the House my wife will have to wear the veil. One thing in particular signature model the system here is whether men are free citizens but get married slaves, the children born are not considered free citizens and were not allowed to cover the network.

Did women have the freedom to get married though slavery but when children then their children still considered free citizens and have the right to cover the network.

3. Missing women before marriage must know-smoking

Years of marriage-families of the people who lived in rural Cambodia typically female 15, 16 years longer South about 19, 20 years old. Their marriage had the tacit conventions: all missing women before marriage forced to equip the ability ... smoking. According to traditional customs, since the new baby girl 6, 7 years old were family prepares for reach with tobacco, smoking is way up.

Parents believe that smoking is how to make the child understand the taste ' "ay bitter sweet" of life; especially the heavy pole bench help sober spirit will bring the possibility of great labors for the missing women of age of the moon. In contrast, the non-smoking girls will bring crime against etiquette.

4. The law "in response to" eat rice before the series continues

In the islands of Melanesia — Eastern Australia, when her son came to great age wise, the fathers mothers all turned up for their child a private tent at the river. Their work is "dragged" to the girl they like about that to sleep together, then choose the woman he saw interested about your wife.

In contrast, in the Samburu tribe — Africa, the girl reaches the age of getting married when she has the right to invite the boys to go home to sleep together and then also choose out men interested. This procedure helps you embrace sensual before families. After that, they will undergo circumcision practice — a jar procedure listed sexual ability of daughters.

5. Wrap a blanket search mistress

Young Tai in China when looking for a girl friend to the wage line for the evening affair they usually wrap on a blanket and roadside stand ...

To meet the girls, they do not need to drop the word flirting butterflies anything that fast as lightning they open across her wrap are scarves, gowns took the girl into her blanket and then just go just the same story worth flirting, so called "learn together".

While chat if feel "Italian food" together they will date to meet again. After the two sides had no love, sons will find people brought to the girls to talk please.

6. Pride when his wife pregnant with the guest.

In Northern Kamchatka (Russian Far East), the ethnic minorities have opinions, if to the House that "relationship" with his wife, it is my great honor. With this purpose, the landlord wishes his wife proved charming before the visitors to that person can't resist the allure of his wife. Host will be more than happy if his wife after 9 months pregnant with ... guests.

7. Woman marriage

Orango islands comprising 50 small islands in Western Africa, the woman rather than the man has the right to choose a mate for himself. They publicly proposed by bringing to groom a future fish disk bright red palm oil sprinkle soy source.

When the woman asked, the man no longer other way is approved. If the man denied marriage, means he has ruined the family honor.

8. Man wedding challenge

Equateur-native Brazilians live by Matriarchy should choose marriage belongs to the girl. Very strange wedding customs, the bride's family must bring a gift to the son: the rhino horn, ivory or a boar tooth. And boys are right "wedding challenge" as dozens of Rooster castrated, buffalos, gold, silver ... If not enough sacrifice to meet, as there was a girl in my life my husband and will ... in the price for a lifetime.

9. Down ... to be loved

The population of the island Brand has a very strange customs. Before the wedding, a woman shaved clean of hair including the bride. If the wedding night, the groom see underarm hair longer, he will prove extremely frustrating as if offended.=