The truth hurts about a son 7 years unknown says

When his wife was asleep, I'm sitting here thinking about my marriage went through. Think back to what happened in his life I do not hold the tears. Why is my spouse, children, dear husband and I suffered such pain?

I was so worried about his son, but don't know how.

I and my wife know each other when her former lover was abandoned. When she's sad, painful for me is a solid prop for her. At first, just the interest among friends with each other. But then the time together so long, I arise emotions and want cover for this woman.

After about 6 months, loved each other time we do weddings. It looks like my wife has forgotten to be old people, and ready for a long-term marriage with me. Which is modern man so what my wife went through, I'm not too burdensome. My problem is the faithful, all married Director during the remaining time together.

Have to say that my wife is beautiful, make sure the are and love my husband. Also thanks to solid rearguard that my work is going well. After 4 years married, there was little capital, I the same man opened a private company. Available business, along with the ability to calculate quickly, our company gradually eat should make out and have a certain status in the world of business.

But the favorable job, husband and wife love each other thoroughly but my spouse back "rare late" street children. Married for 5 years to first sons acne. The day I was born, all excited. I am also open to parties to invite friends brothers to celebrate. But how long such joy, when the family discovered, you're growing slow development.

Currently, you are over 7 years old then, but did not say at all. Moreover, you are always in a State of mischief, like to trouble.

If no person looks then left wandering. My wife from knowing the unusual becomes Moody melancholy, even Europe is sick, bedridden for long periods. Many times we take you to visit the school, the classes for the retarded kid but do not eat the loser.

I hurt my children, but cannot stay home everyday guide teach you should hire a young maid, new healthy enough to look. When look at you my heart is incredibly painful.

People, I found out the problem awareness, child's health was still normal, I see it sometimes hurt steals fit than a child with. There are 2 minutes, you jerks tossing vù vù spinning fan CAP and then put your hands on. I stay away from so when closer thought the how, but when closer still see you smiling teeth nhe. I don't hand that signs of being in pain, broken rotor only a piece.

Remember the old days, I accidentally put his hand on the fan also lost the little finger, but now I'm back to such risk. I just hugged on the Palm, but it seems you don't understand my feelings, so I push and then run out to sit in a corner of the House.

Now, every time you go to the Park, I like the slightly by ear when you look. I run all over the place looking sideways, and then picked up the nylon bags, leaf, orange peel, ... to take a look. You can also get map of strangers to play ... Even the climb walls stand alone look at heaven and Earth, I'm really out of the way though had taught you many times.

Currently, the couple I've had another daughter, steals healthy grandchildren, vía normal development. Even I quite smart, new 3 years sang the dance lessons that kids love. Sometimes I just wish there was a miracle, to his first son, I have to say is, are aware.

Expect that, when reading my story, if anyone ever fall in cases like me, please give me an advice to Sir! So I know what to do to my children can develop normally. I sincerely thank everyone!=