The word repent of your baking my products, my wife on board silver

One day, I determined to House his wife welcomes his wife on ...

Today's 5 year anniversary of the founding of the company, many people saw the boom and the growth of companies that are not out of joy for me. Song I know, get the result today, see I have changed permanently and makeover so glad people for sure is his wife, and I, as parents, relatives 2 exterior side and my close friends.

Don't know when I tell his story out here, many of you there. Song indeed over 5 years is 5 years my spectacular makeover. I just know the guys from a dissipated and soak up gambling, ever lose all the future, family, faith ... had to start anew in the age 35.

30 years old, I am married to a woman I only 3 years. We have a stable job, salary. House wife I also in Hanoi. Married, we lived with my mother in a House very spacious four-storey, spacious. Please say more, my mother was Director of a company with revenues of sewing very quite. Many times, my mother suggested I on family companies do but I do not like this industry and skylight should do outside set times.

Married, my wife still as Assistant to a foreign company. Also I was trusting mother and begins to engage in the business of the company. Parents also sent me the company Treasurer role. From the time involved in the business of the company, again available money in hand, I was hesitant friends, tempted into gambling. Long ago, I became enchanted from the gambling would not or.

No, would go to work, I get the salary of my wife. Even, I was in any way hide empty parent company's business roasted on gambling. Many times my wife, my mother begged me not to play anymore. I promise promise up down but gambling blood seems to have infused into the body so I don't stop.

One day, I keep the debt pile and the business of the company I am pissing. My mother was forced to declare the dissolution of the company. After that, she also gave me ten teeth bite those billions. But of course, has yet to pay off the debt. My wife frustrated with husband veal tha should have hugged about foreign lives. My mom, after many times I see evidence for the disabled had lost confidence in me.

Because too amorous make money not by labor, I have buried his own family, destroyed all the years my mother hard should built. Time after that, I regret and paying terrible. Many night and found my mother lying in the room silently cry that nose I cay cay. There are 2 minutes to meet his wife, mother, that my wife didn't meet. I must temporarily out sparkling face out of sight. To-night, I dared to return, the mother of his wife still love quotient should arrange for me to sleep in the same room with you. Midnight not sleep, I sit up to look my wife is sleeping good tears I just flow.

The day after the White hand, I realized the most valuable things of his life. One day, I determined to House his wife welcomes his wife back home. I also promised ahead of his wife's parents, mother tongue, his wife, and that will change. If the evidence challenged I'll ruin ourselves because no longer worth living this life anymore due to only do his wife and son, old mother gauge gauge.

Fortunately, before the determination to change myself, my mother and my wife back to trust. My wife gave me 15 million to a craft business I own I liked and started life. My mother did little wedding dowry also put both for his son.

More mortgage banks are home, I borrowed a few hundred million more and began to restore the previous workshop. Parents also support helped me get back to the pickup, enter the row before. Thanks to the prestige of the mother, thanks to really hard and progressive in my business, I was the owner of a business may be successful and well-known in the city.

What I mentioned above, can many has never been cover then it seems hard to believe. That song absolutely is true of you.: 40 years old, has experienced how bitter the defeat, humiliation, mistreatment, I understand where is the value of life though it was too late. The men would ever fall into the swamp as I see. Be a man of family and the pride, is the mirror of his children okay though front.=