There is no injustice if you grab me?

(Phunutoday)-when seen scars on people I can you question why I have this scar? And you forgive me when you knew all my past? Most important of all is I'm not sure I can give birth to. So too with you?
Hello you! I am a woman preparing to marry but in very ngổn. Through the category of living and sharing of Phunutoday, I hope to get the words to share and advice of you because in this moment, my heart is troubled. Please allow me to be anonymity, readers would sympathize for me!

I desire to be the wife, mother, but whether I have any with him when I marry you? As well as how other women to age to get married, have children, lays the. I myself also hope will enjoy feeling happy to be my mother, my wife. But to me it is currently a challenge too great.
Year round I 27 years old, I also recently resigned in a media company in addition to Hanoi of home employment and marriage preparation. People that I prepare her cousin marriage you along learning level 3. The new British Labor export in South Korea. This year he was 30 years old, have less capital should family friends advised him get married for stability. And see I haven't got her lover you've introduced him to me.
Initially she you give him your phone number to get acquainted, then every time I go home, you are through playing. See you gentle, honest should I also have little sympathy. Gradually, we arise feelings for each other. And I confess, I do want to marry his wife. If I agree I will thanks to acquaintance to run things for me about home work to I was near my parents and just not in the Inn as now. That is my expectation, I have long wanted to get rid of Hanoi so I don't have to face the past grief were paying for 2 years.
When parents know I am very pleased and highly recommend I agree. People tell me the in Hanoi about home work for close to home and marry you will not have to worry much to the economy. Actually I would like to answer as soon as you offer. But the pleasure is not yet up to then I left mercy far thinking about his past. A past grief though is over but it has left a wound that this all my life, I never forget.