Tired throughout the day to witness birth mother and wife quarrel

New salmon love, me and his wife is really a talk, I was happy about her job. She is gentle and very skillful in communication so I usually bloom in bloom, you face with your friends. More the lovely, her cooking delicious, I think I also blesses Germany has such a lover. Should also not long after, I earn a good salary, job, should I also quickly offer to take her back. She agreed and I brought home debut, the family consists of a father, mother and younger brother are both very happy about my fiancée, so everything is pretty simple.

But the right to get married when I understand what is "husband mother-bride", see all the frictions. After a tiring working day back I always hear complaints from both sides to the point that all pain early, feeling more stress at work, while I deserve peaceful moments when returning to this House.  So I decided to have the "revolution" in the family with a better attitude then maybe help the new gauge. I heard my mother say his story, listen to the distress of her to know she is thinking, because naturally as mother born into and get a lot of respect for.

Ingenious behavior to keep in. ..

Then I heard the second important woman of her life says, also to understand more about the view when have to go to strawberry and pressures on that she suffered. However lessons learned is not to interfere too deeply into the conflict. Just solve the big things, the longer the gibberish isn't needed, then take out a personal perspective to let people listen and find solutions calmly and appropriately.

What that means is always in a State of neutrality rather than leaning on the other party, not archrival, did not say who the true-false one that must do things to both respect each other's opinion. Then find ways to talk to analyze this issue, because it's very sensitive, not able to decry or use the word bias when being in three hand talk. And especially never stood on when listening to them complain about each other. The family would also have the certain conflict and follow me then what you do is the best solution, and gently. Many years passed, my wife said that I was the smarts not to her.=