Toes have to say about you?

(MissNews)-You know, according to the art of Oriental physiognomy, the second toe attached to leadership ability, while the middle finger of the foot shows the will?, what about toes ...

To know the meaning of the toes on the feet, the first step: identify his toes are long or short

In the General view, the length of the toe is very important. To check his toes long or short, please guys a diagonal connection from the top of the thumb to the little finger-middle finger would exceed this road is considered long, located under this road, then the computer is short.

Big toe

If your big toe is longer than the rest, you are smart, creative people. The mind always brimming Musings, you can quickly think of solutions when problems without trouble. Type who can look at things from many different angles. However, you can be hard to focus and do not recognize the nature.

Photo : Toes have to say about you?

Toes have to say about you? or short finger well reveal many things about your personality. Photo: Flickr

If the toe is relatively small, the owner's address many things at a time. You work effectively but also assigning efficiency. In addition, the type who uses his power to persuade people to shun you.

The second finger on the foot

The long second toes showed leadership skills-leadership, then the longer fingers as possible. This type of dynamic, resourceful but can slightly Amir-everything must be conducted in Italy, if not they will be very angry.

However, the second finger small feet doesn't mean the employer is the easy example. It's just, they prefer to wait until time is ripe. They attach importance to harmony and will not try to scare other people going to get the job done.

Middle finger of the foot

According to the art of Oriental physiognomy, this finger are tied to energy, effort and will. If your fingers between the feet is relatively long, the owner was extremely healthy, energetic and talented rotation, especially at work.

The index finger is more then the owner as successful attempts in his career. You are a perfectionist, carefully. With energy and determination, you can achieve more success. Only thing is, people tend to be too immersed in the work, sometimes forget this life also many other things such as family, .

If your fingers between the short feet, it is the people who enjoy the pleasures of life. You want health, not when the slope jewelry work. Others can be accused of is you lazy, but this person would just laugh and say: life's short capital that, please enjoy.

Youngest feet toes

The fourth finger on the feet if the length refers to the employer who is immensely respected family immensely. They still know how to listen and take care of other people. But, like they say: Who has the tender soul, then the vulnerable-Those sad stories in the family great influence to them, both mentally and physically.

This type is also often difficult to split itself off from the problems of others. Maybe, you need to learn how to think, relax and find a way not to themselves encumbered by.

The fourth finger of the foot is short and shows the owner can not attach importance to family and relationships. The focus of their life is in other things.

Little finger of the foot

People have small feet pinkie can be naughty personality type. They evade responsibility, quickly bored and not stop looking. In the party who are happy, they are also fast and friendly, but the child's temperament can put them into a difficult situation-by you know who, and also time to mature.

Who can lip and detached from the foot toes pinkie youngest owner of impulsive personality, in your favorite adventure, a charming flirt. If can not separate little finger, who regard the habit, loyalty and what is anticipated.

Look to the man who could lip pinkie if you want an evening temperature, fun, a little crazy – but to marry, please select the inseparable pinkie.